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Many Reasons To Choose Yii Framework For Your Next Project!

One of the most preferred frameworks on which customers rely for web development is the Yii framework. Yii framework, which got established in the year 2008 has successfully acquired an impressive identity in the IT industry in no time. Yii is a PHP framework for the application of all type of web applications. Its MVC design pattern framework and the enhanced security features make it stand out from the other frameworks. Want to know how Yii framework can be...

Strategy and Workflow of a Website Redesign Process

Your website redesign project does not start when you sketch out what you need the website to look or when your designer begins drawing the first pixel or when you purchase a pre-made website layout. Even for startup ventures, redesigns should begin with a ton of strategic planning. Without a key approach, the redesign may turn out late, over-budget, and may be a greater amount of expense than an investment. That stated redesign projects can be incredibly rewarding.

The Underlying Benefits of RoR That Make It Startup Friendly

This 2018, it may be safe to state that the Ruby on Rails is one of the hottest topics. Since we encountered the time of the digital transformation, the web development has quickly exceeded expectations and opened up opportunities for the developers as well as for the business owners. The Ruby on Rails has been the first preference in building up the websites potentially.  To know it further, we have come out with these fascinating advantages of the web application framework, which will effectively help the website develop...

Planning to launch an iOS app? Facts you must know before you hire an iOS developer!

As of  2018 report, there are around 2 million apps available in the Apple’s App Store, the leading app stores in the world. The count is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Well, you can get a clear idea from the above report that we have a wide range of options in the iOS market. Right? And if you are planning to launch an iOS app out in the market, it must...

Why You Should Hire an Agency Rather Than an Individual Freelancer?

Various organizations have been outsourcing a ton of their business forms for a long time now, however, many business organizations are now acknowledging how incredible impact outsourcing can have on their organizations and how many benefits they can capitalize on. That is the reason outsourcing different business operations are becoming increasingly famous nowadays. However, the most important question that numerous business owners ask themselves before outsourcing is whether to hire a professional agency or individual freelancers for their pa...

Noticeable Impact of Software Testing on Web Development Industry

We as a whole need some person to rectify us when we take wrong choices throughout everyday life. Correct? And when it's our website, monitoring it properly becomes a major concern to be considered. But unfortunately, in order to save the expenses, most of the market makers ignore the fact of adding a testing process to their web development. They usually have a mindset that once the app or website is ready and out in the market, it’ll work perfectly with no errors or issues. This is the point where most of the p...

Outsourcing QA to Change the Game of Your Business

Software testing from a business point of view can be a challenging task except if it is upheld by the correct resources. For software to be failsafe, QA or software testing is important, and thus, outsourcing this task to a specialist facilitates the weight all things considered. Prior, outsourcing was only a method used to chop down expenses. However, in recent times, it has become a successful technique for accomplishing better business goals. Allotting the task of Quality Assurance to a specialist QA and software testing co...

Blunders to Avoid When Designing an e-Commerce Website

Designing eCommerce websites have turned into a pattern in the business world as organizations know that buyers are leaning toward online shopping. Building a successful eCommerce website is not as simple as simply getting one developed. Buyers are currently more informative and active as they have more options, therefore, which requires everything to be well-planned. There are numerous pitfalls that can decrease sales and profits significantly and should be looked out against. The prominent ones are mentioned below.

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