Human Resource Management Software is designed to streamline and automate the three pillars of HRM, payroll, time & attendance, and benefits management. It reduces the manual task and reduces the overall workload of HR and the organization.

ToXSL Technologies offer the perfect solution for managing the HR task with its human resource management software. It manages all the tasks from recruitment through the payroll and staff development process to managing the investments of the organization. It helps HR professionals to focus more on talent recruitment, analyzing employee performance, maintaining company culture and branding.

human resource management

Role of Human Resource Management Software.

  • Manage Payroll: Our HR Management system contains a tool that helps HRs to manage and track payrolls.
  • Gather and Secure Employee Information: The software makes it easy for the organization to gather the employee information and to keep it secure in the system.
  • Track attendance: It automates the task of tracking time and attendance of every single employee in the company thus reducing paperwork and other challenges.
  • Analyze Performance: The tool is effective in analyzing the performance of every single employee thus help HR in offering right appraisals and promotion to the staff.
  • Streamlines Recruitment: It makes it easy to shortlist resumes and to target the right candidate for recruitment.

Why Us?

  • Transparent Service: We keep everything clear right from the beginning and suggest you the right solution that helps HR in meeting their day to day requirement.
  • Customization: Our software solution is highly customized and hence is provided to you in the way that best meets your business needs.
  • Implementation: We assure the perfect implementation of the product and its smooth functioning.
  • Support: Our support team remain focused and committed to offer complete support 24/7.