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Software Testing 03 Apr 2019

Software Testing and Its Types

Testing is the process of execution of a program that runs with an objective of finding an error. It is done to remove all the errors and bugs from the software and to ensure the smooth functioning of the software. The basic principle of testing includes: ...
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Software Testing 12 Oct 2018

Integrating AI into Software Testing

How important is testing for your business? Or let's say is testing a necessary step while you are heading towards a successful business? In the recent time, the question is not about how important is testing for us because it has become more crucial than the other...
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Software Testing 28 May 2018

Quality Assurance- Principles to be Focused On

Analyzing the quality of a product has gained spotlight just a few years back. As important as developing the product, it has become equally important for the product to undergo a testing process in order to attain 100% outputs. As per the estimated records, technology...
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