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ToXSL Technologies Delivered The Bike Sharing App: Go Bike

GoBike is the bike sharing web and mobile app that help people to trip around the city. It is a smart bicycle sharing service that makes the journey easy and convenient. The app is quite popular among youngsters as it offers the safest and environment-friendly rides for making daily trips. Also, the app gives access to track and monitor the bicycle at any time thus keep you updated while maintaining customer safety. It is one of the best riding options that provide users the most reliable and viable services at an affordable price. What was the c...

ToXSL Technologies: Delivered an Effective Website to EVIO LABS

BACKGROUND OF EVIO LABS EVIO LABS is a leading provider of cannabis, hemp and CBD testing. They offer the highest quality analytical, R&D and consulting services to the worldwide clients. They deal with all types of cannabis and  CBD testing for flower, trim, manufactured products, biomass, crude oils, isolates, distillates, edible, and difficult to test items like patches and aerosols. BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS Having an online presence has become...

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