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And...Here Comes the D-Day!!

Let's get ready to Stumble!! Whoopee!! The stage is all set and the dance floor is ready!! Are you guys geared up for the celebration? Get up and prepare for the feast tomorrow evening. Together we gonna enjoy the meal and rock the floor! Let the city hear the noise of our happiness and years of success!! We'll pop the champagne and toast to the reason. Colleagues, Friends, Food and Fun are a must during t...

All You Need to Know for a Hassle Free Migration to Drupal 8

Launched with power-packed features, for example, greater flexibility, scalability, and increased page load speed, Drupal 8 is ending up being a wonderful CMS compelling most organizations to move immediately. While migration may not be a cakewalk particularly in perspective of the issues surrounding data migration and module shifts, a great method to reduce hiccups is to be well-prepared beforehand. One can also hire Drupal developer to ease the procedure, this post will enable you to guide the correct way. We will famili...

Get Ready for the 6th Anniversary Party

Hurrah!!!!! Here we complete 6 years in the industry. This year we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of ToXSL Technologies. To celebrate our success we would like to invite our valuable employees as it would not have been possible without their continuous support and contribution achieving this milestone. Their steady support and devotion have resulted in us to witness this successful day. The celebration of this special occasion will be held on...

Biggest Security Concerns of IoT Industry to Consider

  • Vaishali Jalla
  • 11 Jun 2018
  • IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) boom has brought us to security concerns that were beforehand unthought of. Web APIs, or the more particularly REST APIs, are the keys to associate these devices to the internet. IoT gadgets are driven by handheld gadgets and modern websites. Thus, lightweight and developer-friendly REST APIs are the need of the hour. Organizations looking for an opportunity in IoT with REST APIs keeping in mind the end goal to build up an application...

Artificial Intelligence Drives the IoT Concept

  • Vaishali Jalla
  • 04 Jun 2018
  • IOT

Industry influencers have addressed Internet of Things (IoT) as the driver of the recent industrial revolution with a huge technological transformation. While Artificial intelligence works as the engine of the industry. Exactly. We all are well aware of the transformations that IoT bought in the industry- may it be smart homes, smart cars, thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart locks, and what not. But IoT seems like just an extended version of AI. Merging IoT with AI

Quality Assurance- Principles to be Focused On

Analyzing the quality of a product has gained spotlight just a few years back. As important as developing the product, it has become equally important for the product to undergo a testing process in order to attain 100% outputs. As per the estimated records, technology is focusing more on software quality assurance rather than the manual testing process. The concept of Quality assurance went into the mainstream to overcome the tedious manual testing process and making the process easy, accurate and simplified. Basic Pri...

Software Testing- Drastic Need of Today’s Business

With an increased growth in the economic and social sector, demands of the industry makers increased too. They demand a higher quality product with minimum possible costs. At this point, they commit the biggest mistake of choosing money over quality. In order to save capital, they just skip the testing process which is an essential stage towards a successful product and just do without testing. Thereby, resulting in a big failure of the product. We just can’t deny the fact that people are still unaware of the role software testing plays in a business growth....

Top Java Web Frameworks for 2018

Java is the most demanded and most used programming language despite the fact that it has lost its best spot of popularity over the last few years to JavaScript. The jobs in Java are expanding each year and in such a situation, it is vital to learn Java and strengthen your skills. With regards to programming in Java, experts utilize diverse Java frameworks to develop vast projects easily. A framework is a general foundation on which distinctive modules o...

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