Inventory management is a critical component of ERP systems that help you to manage your retail locations and warehouses. The proper inventory management software help manufacturers in planning and scheduling their production, offers efficient stocking methods, manages cross-docking, etc.

ToXSL Technologies is the known software development company in Mohali that offers the best ERP inventory management tool to businesses that help them to manage their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory effectively. Our inventory management tool helps you to organize the number of items with a specific identification number and also make it easy to check the inventory levels for a particular category of items.

inventory management

Typical Features of Our ERP Inventory Management Software

  • Stock tracking and management
  • Sales and purchase order management
  • Multi-channel order fulfillment
  • Warehouse management and stock transfers
  • Payment Gateway functionality
  • Intelligence reports and analytics
  • Integration with eCommerce, accounting, shipping, and other operational tools.

Why ToXSL Technologies?

Our ERP software is the best among all and gives you several reasons for choosing our services

  • Training: Our skilled team schedule training sessions that help you and your employees in understanding product features and its use.
  • Security: We do not compromise with the data safety and offer the tool with in-built security features to keep your data away from the eyes of hackers.
  • Cost-effective: The best advantage of using our ERP inventory management software is its cost. We offer the perfect solution at a highly affordable price.
  • Easy to use: Our tool is easy to use and understand thus makes your task easy.