ToXSL Technologies solves high impact problems by building smarter AI-equipped services. Beginning from the very scratch, we understand your business requirements thoroughly and offer appropriate solutions with the latest technology tools. Whether big or small, we stuff intelligence in devices and surprise the customers with outstanding results. We assist businesses to implement 'human and computer vision' into their existing systems.

human and computer vision

Empowering the user experience with Human and Computer Vision

We help in shaping the business goals by implementing the right technology tools at the right place, thereby assisting businesses to attain smarter solutions. We at ToXSL Technologies deal in a wide array of human and computer vision technology to reach the customer expectations and present the ideal outputs.

  • Object detection: We have a set of object detection tools for bounding boxes, polygons, line labels to ensure that the customer receives accurate labels.
  • Object tagging: Our platform support dozens of classes and customers can get images labeled according to their requirements.
  • Image classification: Customers can classify the images on the basis of quality, content type or any other custom criteria decided by them.
  • Semantic classification: We offer object detection solution which has tools for bounding boxes, line labels, polygons, and quality checks to ensure that the customers get the accurate labels.
  • Landmark tagging: Our experts use the landmark tagging in face recognition system and robotics.
  • Video object tracking: Our video object tracking tools boost the machine learning models to label videos in a faster and smarter way.

Improve the customer experience with ToXSL Technologies

ToXSL Technologies provides human and computer vision solutions across a wide range of industries, from retail, finance, to other large businesses. We assist businesses to attain heights with the right technology tools. All our services are easy to use and integrate with the existing systems of the customer.