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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the subfield of Machine Learning that enables computers to acquire the characteristic that is naturally inculcated in humans i.e., learning through examples. It is a sub-domain of machine learning which is concerned with a set of algorithms related to the structure and function of the brain of the computer system called artificial neural networks. Simply, Deep Learning is that aspect of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence which is concerned with simulating a learning approach generally used by human beings to gain knowledge over a topic su...

Transform Your Business With Artificial Intelligence

Are you among the crowd of people who still link artificial intelligence with science fiction? But that is not true as the growing technology has made AI a part of our daily lives. Today, everything we are using make use of smart technologies that not only make our lives easier but also make us more progressive towards our work.  Although Artificial Intelligence was introduced in the year 1956 it takes years to make it more significant and progressive towards the successful development and transforming such technology for...

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