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We at ToXSL Technologies offer Selenium automation services which include stable script development, test automation framework setup for apps, and maintenance as well. Unlike regression testing, choosing Selenium gives quick feedbacks and cheaper bug detection.

With the growing demands in your application, manual testing becomes impossible and you need to go for a better solution. We understand the customer requirements thoroughly and plan a strategy to implement Selenium automation as per their defined timeline and budget. 

selenium automation

Tools and components we use for Selenium automation

We implement the advanced and latest testing tools in order to deliver the accurate and best outputs to the customers. Here are a few tools and components which our testers use while carrying out Selenium automation testing.

  • Selenium WebDriver: If your business requirement is to create robust and browser-based regression automation suites and tests, Selenium WebDriver is the right tool for it.
  • Selenium IDE: If the business requirement is to create quick bug reproduction scripts, our team implements Selenium IDE to meet this kind of business requirements.
  • Selenium Grid: It is basically a server for running tests on different machines over various browsers and carry out the testing process. 
  • Selenium Client API: We can write tests in Selenese and in other languages as well and these tests further communicate with Selenium via calling methods in the Selenium Client API.
  • Selenium Remote Control:  Selenium Remote Control (RC) allows us to write automated tests for web apps in any language which helps in better integration.

Why Choose ToXSL Technologies?

We offer customized test automation framework for cross-platform application testing for web and mobile applications that works with different lifecycle tools thus ensuring seamless integration. Our expert team is working continuously to grow Selenium open source test automation community. We work strategically to provide the best testing services to our potential clients using Selenium.

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Customized Solutions

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