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Grab the Best Industrial Training at ToXSL Technologies

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 21 Dec 2018
  • Others

ToXSL Technologies imparts qualitative training programs in various domains to help candidates speed up their technical skills and build a strong career in the coming future. We make sure that we offer you the appropriate training program which can help you to boost your skills as well as technical knowledge. Getting trained from ToXSL Technologies simply means you get an exposure to the latest tools and technologies which are practiced in the complete IT sector. WHY ToXSL TECHNOLOGIES? ToXSL Techno...

Industrial Training in Software Testing from ToXSL Technologies

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 07 Dec 2018
  • Others

ToXSL Technologies gives Industrial Training in Software Testing with Live Projects for Mtech, Btech, MCA, and BCA. Software Quality Testing is absolutely essential in a majority of corporate setups. ToXSL's project-based Industrial Training in Software Testing builds an individual's expertise in testing activities that contains finding mistakes and bugs in a software. Our training is project-based where trainees are tasked with real-time assignments that help them see how software testing actually happens in the corporate environment. Role...

Graphic Designing Industrial Training in ToXSL Technologies

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 23 Nov 2018
  • Others

Graphic design can be defined as the art of combining text and pictures to create a visual design, which would be used in the print and publishing field. Regardless of the fact that more people are tilting towards reading in the digital form, the print and publishing media are still flourishing with a lot of new publications joining the field over the globe. The use of promoting materials like danglers, posters, flags etc by the corporate is on the rise also. Graphics Designing Industrial Training at ToXSL Technologies

Why Choose Web Development as Your Career Option?

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 12 Nov 2018
  • Others

These days, web designing and development is a challenging field as you have to utilize your imagination and creativity skills to develop attractive websites based on the client business and their preference. It is growing to be the most rewarding career of the current times. A web developer is a programmer who specializes in or is specifically occupied with the development of web applications or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser. Choosing Web Development as Your Career:

Build Your Career as an Android Developer with ToXSL Technologies

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 26 Oct 2018
  • Others

Android is an open source platform widely used in more than one billion devices all over the world. It gives access to an extensive range of resources, tools, and libraries that can be consolidated to build innovative applications for mobile devices. The Android training program is intended for those people who want to improve their abilities in Android development. The training program offers hands-on learning session and in-depth information for Android application development using Java and Android Studio. The program will e...

Why Industrial Training is Important for a Bright Career?

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 17 Oct 2018
  • Others

These days getting a good job is extremely troublesome regardless of having the required degrees and academic qualifications. Organizations would prefer not to invest time, money, and efforts on training a person and thus prefer experienced candidates. That is the reason industrial training is very important. Industrial training gives an insight into the organization and its approaches to deal with a problem. It is aimed at imparting the required skill set, information to improve the candidates' performance or to encourage him/her to meet their caree...

Valentine's Day Celebration

  • Poonam Kumari
  • 15 Feb 2018
  • Others

All of us here at ToXSL Technologies love to have fun activities at our workplace. We take every possible opportunity to do some fun and team-oriented activities on each occasion. This year for Valentine's day we planned to organize a game for the employees called Cupid Confidential. The activity was indeed a fun in which employees secretly wrote the name of other employees on a heart-shaped paper whom they adore or want to show their affection along with their signature.

Delighted To Be An Illustrious Member of NASSCOM!!

Association with NASSCOM is a milestone achieved in the roadmap of growth for ToXSL Technologies. NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) is an apex Indian body that formulates national information technologies policies in conjunction with the government. Being a member of NASSCOM has enhanced the professionalism, team spirit, and service quality and has made our clients rely on our superior service even more than before. By achieving the NASSCOM membership we are now able to track latest industry tren...

Job Guarantee

ToXSL (ISO 9001:2015) is offering specialized JOB GUARANTEE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING PROGRAM for Freshers. Job Offer from first day of training! Qualified students will be hired by ToXSL from first day of training starting from Jan, 2016. ** Stipend for outstanding performers (After Three(3) months). ** Package after training : 1.2 LPA to 2.4 LPA (Depending on Job Profile & Performance) Training cost will vary depending on student‘s rank in the test. Test Date & Time: 26th December...

How to Snatch a Job in this Competitive World?

You would have experienced the hunger of getting a challenging job in this competitive world by now. While many have successfully faced the challenges, there are many out there still in search of a job and they are finding it very difficult to get one. In today’s world, there is a drastic change in the process of finding a job as the social networking sites and professional networking is playing a vital role in this process. They are helping millions of youngsters to find their dream jobs. Social and professional networki...

6 Weeks / 6 Months internship training

If you are a BE/B.Tech student and looking for summer training in Chandigarh, Panchkula or Mohali, then be ready for introduction to amazing world of Mobile Application Development. This summer you can learn Android programming which can make you employable and  get high paid jobs in industry. I know you are curious to know more about it.

Why Work with US?

ToXSL is start-up seeded by small group of mobile innovation leaders who has been themselves coding for last 10 years. The team is organized to solve problems and make innovative solutions for mobile devices. We are young and so we have dynamic and friendly work environment. How To Apply: Send Your CV to hr@toxsl.com

Our Technologies

We are working on various technologies. Android Application with rich UI, Sensors, Cloud interfaces, Social Interfaces. Android Multimedia Video playback, Recording, Processing etc. Bada Application with rich UI interface. Samsung Smart TV Applications Web 2.0 Applications for CRM, ERP, E-commerce, Social media integration, portal, intranets. Audio & Video Processing , Pattern Detection, Encoding, Decoding etc Video Streaming using HTTP, RTSP etc.

Internship / Industrial training

ToXSL provides the Live Project based 6 weeks / 6 months Industrial training program for BCA, BE, B.Tech, B.SC, M.SC, PGDCA, MCA, MBA . During this program we allow trainee to work on the Live Industrial Project, which is very helpful to trainee for the future prospects. This Live Project training is carried out under the guidance of experienced Corporate Professionals. Training program basically insists upon developing the student‘s ability to think dynamically and to widespread the logical ideas. The information related to New Appli...

Be Employable! Add required skills to your resume.

In today’s challenging job market, the art of being employable quite simply means having more to offer to an employer than the average student or graduate. Academic and specialist skills are valuable but they alone will not get you a job, in addition to these employers expect you to be able to demonstrate a range of skills, abilities and experiences from your time at university. What makes you stand out from the crowd as someone that a potential employer will be keen to invest in? Employability = Qualifications + Work experience + Strategies x Cont...

How to become more employable?

Every student who is studying a course will like to be employed as soon as possible as this will give him or her a good opportunity to work and earn money. Each student may have hundreds of aspirations to become the best. Some may be research oriented and may want to be a scientist. All these students should think when they do the curse if they are employable by the employer. This is because each employer searches for different skill sets and attitudes in the candidate. The individual student should learn to adapt according to the employer.

Most Important Skills Required for a Career as Software Engineer

Every student who is studying a course will like to be employed as soon as possible as this will give him or her a good opportunity to work and earn money. Each student may have hundreds of aspirations to become the best. Every student has a different skillset and each employer searches for various skill sets and attitudes in the candidate while hiring. The individual student should learn to adapt things according to the employer. There are various factors that will help you to become more employable. This article gives a few hints on how to learn the me...

We have been awarded ISO: 9001:2015 certification!

ToXSL is pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO: 9001:2015 certification. The ISO 9001:2015 certification is awarded to organizations that have processes and procedures in place which ensure that quality is met in all aspects of their services. We know that this reflects the care we take with all our clients. Our attention to the details and the high level of service we deliver. We have always had a culture of continuous improvement, and since our formation in 2012 we have always had robust business systems in place.

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