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Offering Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We offer customized Artificial Intelligence services that drive your business growth, helps achieve business objectives faster and lead to sustainable growth. Our main intention is to deliver machine learning, human & computer vision, natural language processing, chatbot development, and deep learning services.


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Drive Competitive Advantage With Our Profound Work

We entitle your business with advanced tools and technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions. Have a look at our best work.


Looking for a staffing platform that connects driven job seekers and employers? Wonolo is a perfect marketplace where employers can post jobs for multiple categories.

Available on :

  • 1000000+ Downloads
  • 1802747+ No. of Visitors


The app allows users to scan QR codes, and earn digital stamps based on the products bought. It let businesses reach their local community and increase their revenue.

Available on :

  • 100000+ Downloads

Gurbani Unlimited

Gurbani Unlimited is the religious app for followers of Guru Granth Sahib. Let your family, and friends enjoy the unlimited and amazing features offered by the app.

Available on :

  • 100000+ Downloads


We take care of your security during emergencies with our smart features. Blinq automatically sends your location to hospitals and police stations with ease in case of any mishap

Available on :

  • 55000+ Downloads
  • 2001146+ No. of Visitors


Experience the all-electric future with Basigo, an early-stage e-mobility start-up working to develop electric public transport in Africa.

Available on :

  • 52000+ Downloads
  • 101194+ No. of Visitors


Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier! Locate the nearest EV charging stations, check the availability status in real-time, and book your charging in just a few clic

Available on :

  • 52000+ Downloads
  • 1500648+ No. of Visitors


Alfatiha is one of the popular Audio Recording Apps. The platform helps students to improve their reading to communicate with teacher and listening to their comments.

Available on :

  • 52000+ Downloads

King Tasker

King Tasker is the most trusted community marketplaces for people to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money online using mobile.

Available on :

  • 50000+ Downloads
  • 4831+ No. of Visitors


Transforming the way healthcare is delivered with CareSpan, a fully integrated virtual care platform that allows physicians to deliver full medical care to patients across the glob

Available on :

  • 30000+ Downloads
  • 500768+ No. of Visitors


Foosto is a food delivery system that helps people to find homemade food based on the user’s current position and other specifications like food type, rate, and more.

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads
  • 101474+ No. of Visitors


An Online Grocery Store Application. Ekirana app allows the users to place their grocery order and get it delivered within 59 mins.

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads


Skooleeo is a management app for schools to connect teachers, parents, and students. Here the teachers can manage classrooms and access all the information on mobiles.


Chatly is a fast, secure, and simple social media chatting platform that offers end-to-end encryption. It allows you to stay closed and have fun over text, voice, and video.

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads
  • 4260+ No. of Visitors

Premium Peaches

Premium Peaches is the ultimate social networking app that designs to connect you to meet people online.

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads


Revolutionize the way you commute every day with a shared transportation platform designed to provide budget-friendly, stress-free, effortless, trustworthy, and protected rides.

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads

Fit With Pari

Transform your body and lifestyle with our personalized nutrition and live fitness classes taught by certified trainers. Stay on top of your workout plan and dietary choices using

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads
  • 1214+ No. of Visitors


Ticketeze allows users to buy and sell tickets to events like concerts, sports games, and theater performances with ease. With a sleek and intuitive interface, Ticketeze streamline


Streamlines processes and enhances visibility with RDM - a Retail Merchandising Management app designed to empower retailers with unprecedented control over their merchandising act

Available on :

  • 10000+ Downloads

Speed Math

Speed Maths Game is a fun way improve calculations speed for children.

Available on :

  • 5000+ Downloads


"An Online Sports Coaching Platform"

Available on :

  • 5000+ Downloads

FAQs on Artificial Intelligence

Do you offer industry-specific AI consulting and development services?

At ToXSL, our experts are highly talented and possess the knowledge for all the business-specific processes and challenges. We offer customized and tailored solutions as per the need of the businesses. So, if you want to automate your operations, boost the customer experience and security our AI developers can help you.

Why should we work with your company and avail your AI services?

1. Expert Agnostics:
We do not only provide you with the services, but we also recommend and provide you with the best suggestions, services, and technologies that are right for you. Moreover, we offer you customization!

2. Top AI developers with niche skills:

With our 300-strong team, we can bring in senior analysts, elite developers, and our R&D department when needed.

We have a dedicated team of more than 300 experts who are always ready to bring out the best and stand in the robust and competitive market.

3. Diverse expertise:

We are a leading organization with a decade of experience and have worked on hundreds of projects across different industries.

What are your capabilities for developing effective solutions for strategic challenges?

Computer Vision & Image Processing

We offer businesses innovative solutions in computer vision and machine learning.

Natural Language Processing

NLP solutions are multidisciplinary implementations and include language science, text mining, machine learning, and deep learning.

Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
We align as per your business foundation and understand how to make efficient decisions.

Is there any potential use of AI in customer service?

Yes, AI has a lot to play and offers the most efficient customer services. It combines technologies that include speech recognition, natural language processing, dialogue management, and more to create chatbot assistance. The bots can naturally communicate with humans and assist them at every step.

Should e-commerce businesses use AI to solve customer problems?

The customers now prefer communicating with bots and offering them relevant suggestions to their queries. AI In the e-commerce streamlines customer support, improves their experience and satisfaction, makes the service agent's lives easier.

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