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Wanna Build A Food Delivery App Using Talabat Clone?

Talabat Clone is an exceptional solution that helps your business reach new heights. Our Talabat clone app is designed to generate profit for your business.

Transform your business with the help of on-demand food delivery apps like Talabat

Step-wise Workflow
Give life to your marketplace idea with our step-by-step Talabat clone-like app workflow.
Tech Suite
With the help of a high-quality tech suite, we offer a technological solution for your Talabat-like app.
Robust Features
Scale your business and deliver efficient services with our robust features.
Enhance Revenue
Boost your ROI by offering high-quality solutions to customers.

Generate Revenue and Grow Business Using Talabat Clone Script

Now manage, deliver orders online, and increase sales and revenue of the business. We help you get innovative solutions that help you stand out in the competition.

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Enhance Sales

Increase the sales rate of your business and take your business to the next level.

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Save lots of money by developing a food app tailored to your needs using our Talabat clone app.

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Our Talabat clone app offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to stick longer.

Interactive Features of Talabat Clone

Our comprehensive set of features will help you optimize user interaction and boost profits through our customizable platform.

Web App Like Talabat Clone

Easy Login
Allow customers to log in or register to the platform easily using social media accounts like Google, Instagram, or Twitter.
Add to Cart
Customers have the flexibility to add their food items to the cart and can order later.
Payment Methods
Give your customers the flexibility to place orders using their convenient payment methods as per the customer's requirements.
Customer Review
Our Talabat clone app allow customers to give the review and rate your services or products as per their experience.

Admin Panel App Like Talabat Clone

Category Management
Help admin manage the product categories, and keep an eye on the stock availability.
Payment Security
Maintain the records of payments done by the users, securing the payment data.
Manage Customers
Allow admins to manage customer payments in the most secure way possible.
Review and Rating
The admin is allowed to check the feedback and ratings provided by the customers.

Accelerate your business with our customized on-demand delivery app

Restaurant Panel Like Talabat Clone

Order Management
Restaurants manage complete orders, including adding, updating, revenue generated, etc.
Addition or Deletion
Allow restaurants to add or delete orders placed by customers as per their requirements or convenience.
Acceptance or Rejection
Restaurants have the flexibility to accept or Reject incoming orders by the customers as per their availability.
Category Management
Restaurant can easily manage their products or stock availability, including categories, sub-categories, ingredients, etc.

Get ready to take your business to new heights using our high-end features

  • feature
    Push Notifications

    Offering push notifications for the admin to help them send special offers, discounts, and promotions to the customers.

  • feature
    Robust Dashboard

    Allow your admin to manage the full website effectively, including the restaurants, customers, orders, etc.

  • feature
    Map Integration

    Help customers find the restaurant’s location easily and accurately.

  • feature
    Multiple Languages

    We ensure to integrate the choice of local languages so that we can remove the language barrier between you and your customers.

  • feature
    Customer Support

    Offering businesses 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers don’t have to face any challenges after launching the app.

  • feature
    Source Code

    We maintain transparency and offer full source code to our clients.

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