"We create exclusive brands"

We are a passionate about design bunch of fellas that take pride in their work

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Fields of Expertise

Web Designing

Web Designing in impressive way is not just a profession but passion for us.

Web Development

We also offer highly scalable and Web 2.0 solutions based on Yii.

Mobile Applications

We have highly skilled team developing applications on Android and iOS.

Multimedia Applications

We are expert with Multimedia Application Development.


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We Build a culture of innovation:

At ToXSL we maintain a climate in which new ideas are encouraged. Any organization that wants to innovate has to have a few things in place. One is methods for having an open mind. A sense of curiosity is essential for innovation. A second thing that's important is an ability to create spaces where trust can happen, where risks can get taken. At ToXSL, we build a culture of innovation where we create new ideas.




Client interaction  

We're driven by an urge to help clients build stronger, agile and innovative business by delivering high quality, flexible applications which are easy to maintain and facilitate enhancements. We help clients transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.

Amazing Support  

We have two core aims which runs through everything we do. First we want our clients to be the best protected, most flexible that they can be. Our second aim is to provide the most professional and friendly services that we can. We also believe in having a very close relationship with all of our clients.





Optimizing the website

In today’s global marketplace, a websites must face tough competition to gain the attention of a serious website visitor or a potential customer. Websites designed by us are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also functionally superior, load quickly and are intuitive and easy to navigate. We custom make each website with tremendous zest and passion. The end-result is always a design that will set your site apart from everyone else on the internet.


A good web development team must comprise a number of good coders who will be able to implement the blueprint into the machine.