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Life at ToXSL

ToXSL's success as a business depends on the success of our people. So, we make sure that we create an environment where all our employees feel included and able to perform at their best. We have a culture where success is celebrated, no matter how big or small. We trust each other and value honesty and freedom in our working relationships. We recognize that our employees have commitments away from the workplace and encourage working patterns that balance personal and professional life.

We also aim to attract and maintain a diverse employee base with a wide variety of individual characteristics, perspectives, and experiences in every part of our business.

Main Features

  • We celebrate our success and honor employees for their fantastic performances that contribute to the growth of the company.
  • We offer weekly training to all the departments to nurture the skills of employees and make them ready for new technologies.
  • We ensure the positive environment in the company that keeps the employees motivated and willing to achieve excellence.
  • We are proud of what we do and how we do it by behaving responsibly with the highest standards of integrity.
  • We give ourselves the freedom to succeed by trusting each other and respond quickly to the opportunities.
  • We cherish our products and services and are creative and courageous in pursuing their full potential.
  • We are passionate about customers and consumers curiosity and insights that drive our growth.
  • We strive to be the best by continuous learning and improving.
  • We are innovative and constantly search for new ideas.
  • We set high standards and stretch to exceed them.

Events & Awards

We at ToXSL Technologies proudly announce that we are providing COVID-19 bonus to our employees who are constantly working from their homes.  ToXSL CEO, Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta says, “The company's norms are considered for its employee’s benefits and wellness, and since they are working hard from their homes to keep up the business in this tough situation, the company is granting the COVID-19 bonus.”  “It is our duty to encourage our employees and this time the bonus is to encourage and boost them to work from home and overcome the Coronavirus crises” – he added. Now that the novel coronavirus has become a part of our lives, there is no other way than to accept the reality. The negative economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic is resulting in huge financial losses that could be worse than the Great Depression of 1929.  Covid-19 is creating havoc on a global...

World is going throught a pandamic due to COVID-19. We advice everybody to stay at home and be safe!! ToXSL Technologies understands and concerns its employees' well-being plus it also obeys the useful instructions and decisions by the government that are for our safety and healthiness only. To conquer this tough time of the major Coronavirus outbreak, where, the everybody is battling in their own way, there, ToXSL and its team are also making their contribution by staying in and working from home only.  The ToXSL team has already been prepared with all the arrangement while taking all the necessary plus safety precautions. We voluntarily asked our team to stay at home last week itself . We are thankful to all those we are still working from home and helping us sail through tough time. We have provided all the required access and equipments to our emplo...

For a fast-paced growth that our organization inhibits, we hire constant newbies to learn and to impart learning, people to continue the unique legacy of our organization. ToXSL Technologies is a leading company in the industry that goes for the campus placements giving people a chance to learn from us. Big placement drives that help young enthusiasts to learn from us and our unique and latest ways to thrive in the industry. New people join us each week and today's joiners are the young enthusiasts, which have been given a chance to boost up their careers with the professional experience. We work on the latest technologies for all platforms with the trending tech. We walk a step ahead of the world to provide the best of Web Services and a Professional Experience to our clients. It is not just a thing to announce, it is the intimation of our journey, race towards excellence. We prepare the best horses for the race, we c...

It’s so much more than just work.

Office Parties
Office Parties

We celebrate and cherish the joyous moments by organizing different events and parties.

Employee Training
Employee Training

Weekly training to enhance the skills of employees and prepare them for new technologies.

Games and Fun
Games and Fun

We have a friendly and enjoyable working environment and love to play different games in our free time.

Awards and Rewards
Awards and Rewards

Appreciation to our talented and dedicated employees with monthly and quarterly awards.

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