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Automated Testing of Web Apps using Codeception

Automated Testing of Web Apps using Codeception

We are building websites and web applications using PHP and Yii Framework since 2012. Initially, we used manual testing techniques to confirm proper functioning of our solutions. Sometimes, we tested the same website multiple times and wasted lot of time doing repetitive testing work. Without any doubt, the experienced developers did understand the importance of testing. However, the beginners skipped the testing, therefore, producing unreliable web applications. The actual reason for not testing web applications was that developers quite often did not write the test cases for the projects. The bitter reality of the PHP world was that the unit tests were not so popular with it.

Codeception was then launched in 2011, an open-source PHP framework built on top of PHP Unit for testing web applications. It boosts the speed and simplifies functional testing for various frameworks.

It works on creating the tests which are easy to understand, write and debug. The testing code written in Codeception can be executed as a functional test in Symfony, Symfony2, Zend Framework and Yii2 framework. It can use builtin phpBrowser or  Selenium to load web pages. The tests in Codeception are written in a descriptive manner which clearly shows what is being tested and how the test is being performed. It allows writing test cases for all the tests; Acceptance, Functional, Unit and even API.

Acceptance testing, also called User Acceptance testing is done on the client side to check whether website/application is working properly on the client side.

Functional testing is executed to check whether the functionality of the website/application is working as per the requirements of the client.

Unit testing checks working of every single component of the website/application.

And just to mention, the results of these tests are readable to non-technical professionals as well. You just need to export result in HTML and you will see a page with all passed tests mentioned in easy language. The Codeception framework is suitable for all sorts of team; from beginners to professionals and startups to established. It executes very smoothly which means it is quick and does not require much of time and efforts.

It is also easy to install and configure boasting a lot of advanced features. If you are still deciding whether to test your website/application or not, you should start doing it now using Codeception as it is the perfect tool for this. ToXSL, being the provider of best software testing services, found Codeception a perfect automated testing tool for present and future projects. It has been a good choice for our developers and clients. We highly recommend it to any other web application development company looking for automated testing.

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