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Quality Assurance and Face Recognition: Overcoming the Challenges Together

Quality Assurance and Face Recognition: Overcoming the Challenges Together

Cybersecurity has turned into an equally essential part of the rapidly occurring changes and developments, making it both challenging and crucial for technologists and QA testing experts. It requires a right balance to comprehend the exact use and selection of every data security method. Face Recognition, the latest and intelligent innovation in the world of data security is very much raging. Apple is the pioneer in bringing out biometric sensors in the type of touch ID, which was later adapted by different tech organizations as a high-security feature.

Just last year, iPhone X stole the show with its new Face ID feature, as Apple has always been a forefront master in delivering unparalleled security for its customers. This feature again cleared the route for a trend for others to follow on. However, there are other important uses of facial recognition such as:

  • Advertising: Indeed, this one is going to be a tremendous accomplishment for advertising agencies and marketers. Advertisers, keeping in mind the end goal to streamline their creative efforts and target their audiences directly, are setting up large screens at different gas stations and retail stores to communicate with their audiences in the real time. This gives them the opportunity to exhibit and convey what they really need them to see and know at the very instant. This tactic will prompt exceptionally increased incomes and a more deliberate use of the marketing budget plan.

  • Airports: Security checkpoints are closely connected with the airports and its daily operations. And, it is amazing that the utilization of facial recognition will make air travel much protected and hassle-free. Numerous airports are experimenting with on the new security feature and others are analyzing the procedure for the better. If the 'hit and trial' process transforms into a successful attempt, there are great chances of facial biometrics to be adopted in the airfields.

  • Payments and Transactions: Banking transactions and any online payments will require an owner's image for confirmation and MasterCard has quite recently launched the idea known as "selfie pay." The facial recognition adoption will prevent hijacking, data tampering, or fraud amid any online payment made through the smartphones. Moreover, facial biometrics will also be utilized in bank ATMs, eCommerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and other retail checkouts.

However, there is a challenge.

Since QA experts see these latest technologies and developments with an X-ray eye, consequently it is very likely that the adoption will take a while to be seen as a common pattern. After all, the QA won't give it a go until the point that they find it bug-free and hassle-free from every angle before adoption. At this time, any experimentation or experience done on facial recognition technology is nearly accurate, however, its False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) is very high to be practically utilized. 

Furthermore, in the event that, it winds up unworkable, no organization will put resources into the biometric technology since its high state of vulnerability will turn into a good opportunity for the hackers.

How can QA help?

Facial recognition demands a satisfactory accuracy level that must be accomplished through professional QA testing services. Here are the means by which QA service providers can save from worsening FAR and FRR rate:

  • By making test cases that recognize all user situations, for example, if the user wears sunglasses, has false lashes/facial hair, wears excessive makeup, and so on. 

  • By testing the technology regarding the division or industry it is being used in like healthcare, finance, marketing, etc.

  • By auditing and testing unit-level algorithms placed in the facial recognition products. 

The extent of the achievement one can assemble from facial biometric is inevitable if done right. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to exceed in the facial recognition usage, join heads with a consistent QA testing partner to comprehend what should be tested at the right time.