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Software Testing and Its Types

Software Testing and Its Types

Testing is the process of execution of a program that runs with an objective of finding an error. It is done to remove all the errors and bugs from the software and to ensure the smooth functioning of the software. The basic principle of testing includes:

  • Doing test to meet the customer requirements.
  • To let the third party to do software testing.
  • Initiating testing with small parts and slowly extending it to larger parts.

Types of Software Testing

  • Smoke testing: Smoke testing also known as "Build Verification Testing". This testing is done to ensure that the software under testing is stable and is ready for further testing. Thus this type of testing is carried out to a detailed level of any functional or regression testing.
  • Functional testing: Functional testing is a type of software testing where the system is tested against the functional requirements. This type of testing focus only on the output and check its functionalities as per the requirement.
  • Usability testing: The usability testing is done to make sure that the interface of an AUT is built in a way that meets the user's expectation with respect to effectiveness and efficiency. It has many dimensions and structured usability helps in translating the user experience into a validation process.
  • Security testing: It is a type of software testing that is intended to uncover vulnerabilities of the system and help in determining that the data and resources are protected from possible intruders. It helps in testing how much software is secure from the malicious program, viruses and how strong the authorization and authentication program is.
  • Performance testing: It is the type of software testing that is intended to determine the performance of the software in terms of responsiveness and stability. Thus it helps in testing the speed and effectiveness of the program.
  • Regression testing: Regression testing is a type of software testing that is intended to ensure that changes to the software have not affected it. It is difficult to cover all the system in Regression testing and therefore it makes use of for automation testing tools.
  • Compliance testing: This type of testing is also known as conformance testing, regulation testing, standardized testing. It is a type of testing that help in determining compliance with an internal or external standard.


Software testing types are different from testing levels and methods. The above mentioned are only types of software testing. These types, processes and their implementation method changes according to the project, its requirement, and scope.

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