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Mobile App Monetization Strategies

Mobile applications have made lives simpler for a vast majority of people. Be it ordering groceries from an eCommerce store, paying bills, or booking tickets, mobile applications have made people use the web in an ideal way. However, the story is not so easy for the individuals who develop these applications. The reason being mobile application monetization i.e. earning money from apps is swinging to be a tough nut to crack. As a result of this extreme competition, customers get to download these mobile applications for free.

Checklist to Cover Before the Release of a Website

Regardless of whether you are building up a new website or updating an existing website, the launch of a website is an exciting and in addition a daunting task even for the most seasoned professionals. Testing teams do not know where to begin the testing process from. There are a number of things that are most of the times overlooked in the eagerness to make the website live, like a broken link or an incorrectly spelled word. Therefore, it is helpful to have a checklist to look through as you announce the website to the ou...

Industry Standards to Consider Before Hiring Web Design Company

In the present competitive business situation, it has turned out to be essential for any business to have a professional and good looking website. The Web has turned into the source of information for individuals from varying backgrounds. Without a digital presence, a business just can not survive in this era. Today, in the event that you need to make your own website, there are rich website builders in the market to enable you to do the same. Hiring an outsourced web design company to create your business website can be an ove...

Ensuring Your Website is Not an Obsolete One

More and more Internet-connected devices like smartwatches and automobile dashboards propagate our lives every day and we need to make sure that our devices work properly on all the new devices. For this, our developers should be capable enough to anticipate the future of the Internet and accordingly implement the right technologies for our business. We can discuss the new applications and features with our developer and get new ideas to incorporate them into our website. A few of them are: New design trends

Practices to be Followed by a Web Design Company

Whenever discussing the standards and best practices of web designing companies in India, we are greeted with the same refrain that web designers are innovative following their own paths and by setting standards for them will somehow lose our creative edge. But do we really require standards? There are web designers who are doing superb work and are trying tirelessly to build reputations and create a body of great work. To make sure these efforts are not going in vain we need to create a set of standards and best practices which can be followed with...

Why we use Mobile Application Nowadays?

"There is an app for that", we hear this phrase very frequently nowadays. It is true that there is a mobile application for almost everything these days. People are migrating from computers to mobile devices and as a result, mobile applications are becoming that important in our daily lives. According to a 

Outstanding Features of Yii Framework to Choose it Over Other Frameworks

Open source community consistently surprises us with new technologies and frameworks that help in developing websites and applications with less time and complications. The Yii (Yes It Is) is one such Framework which is gaining massive importance and popularity among the developers because of its dynamic approach and open source technology. It is a high performing PHP framework that can be used for developing all kinds of web 2.0 applications. It has a component-based structure that helps developers to build large-scale applications.

Top PHP Frameworks for Developers to Use in 2018

PHP, one the most popular, open-source and server-side scripting language utilized to build complex websites and applications is evolving at a rapid speed. As developers, these days have to build complex websites and applications and above that starting from scratch requires too much of time and efforts, hence came the need for PHP frameworks. These frameworks provide developers with some pre-built modules to create robust and reusable components to enable faster development. Advantages of using PHP framewor...

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