Adventure Trip To Hail Himalayas

Amazing, fantastic, memorable, adventurous, epic, serene!!! No adjective can define this trip but I tried to inculcate our experience in words.

Someone once said,

Fill Your Life With Experience, Not Things! Have Stories To Tell, Not the Stuffs to Show!!

Keeping above lines in mind, and to relax from our busy schedule, we packed our bags and headed up to a serene place which is considered as a slice of heaven on earth. This place is Hail Himalayas which is located between near Shoghi, a place located between Solan and Chail in Himachal Pradesh. We needed to walk for 3 kilometers to reach closer to this beautiful place and with every step we are getting goosebumps as we have many expectations from the place. Walking down the road we reached to the destination. 

Oh My God!! What an amazing place with an amazing view!! Every single mouth in our group opened with a WOW expression after looking at the beauty of the place.

After reaching we get a briefing about the trip from the tour guide and he also explains about all the adventure activities that will take place afterwards. He guided us along all the guidelines and the do’s and don’ts of staying at the place and introduced us to our tents.

Thrilling experiences like Trekking, Camping, Team Building Activities, Rock climbing, Ring walk,  Valley crossing, are some of the adventure activities which we thrive from our visit to Hail Himalayas and when our tour guide started naming the activities, we are putting a check on all our adventure expectations. We were very excited to perform all of them. We performed every task given to us with great enthusiasm and shared our joy with our colleagues.

Finally evening tea arrived and we sat in a large circle and started playing games like antakshari, truth & dare and many other games that makes the environment chilling and full of entertainment. Nobody was senior, noone was junior, every single individual is enjoying leaving behind all the office worries. To our surprise the weather was a cherry on the cake. Amazing rainy weather with a pinch of cold in it that excites us to enjoy more.

Then we have a bonfire which is followed by dinner which is the most yummiest food at the place. During bonfire people danced on punjabi songs, bollywood numbers and sometime without songs. Some talented ToXSLites show their talent by playing guitar and made the surrounding amazing. Some people were awake till 3 a.m. chatting all night. With the enthusiasm in the breathes, excitement in the eyes and curiousness in the mind everyone slept a well-deserved sleep only to wake up for many unexplored folding of our trip.

Second day started with morning tea followed by a mouth watering breakfast. It includes chane bhature, boiled eggs, bread toast that was a treat to our taste buds.

After filling our tummies we headed up to a 6 kilometer trek to a waterfall near a temple of Lord Shiva. We bow our head there and then went to the amazing waterfall where the water is very cold and everyone jumps into the water to take a dip in that crystal clear gift of nature.

After enjoying our waterfall we came back to our tents and packed our bags to get back to our home. We had a lunch on the way at a cool dhaba in punjabi style and came back to ToXSL Premises at 7:30 pm in the evening and then bid goodbye to each other. 

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