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An Online Investing Website Development Case Study By ToXSL: Se2invest

An Online Investing Website Development Case Study By ToXSL: Se2invest

Entrepreneurship isn't an easy endeavor. Founders already have a lot on their plate when it comes to starting and running a company. Meanwhile, securing capital can be extremely difficult without an investor.

Startups face the same challenges as established businesses: Finding investors and raising capital. 

The founders of Se2invest approach ToXSL by creating a website that connects startups with the right investors who help them achieve their funding goals. 


se2invest is an online platform that is pretty easy to navigate through. It connects investors and entrepreneurs to discuss business ideas, goals, and opportunities. The app mentions options to invest or raise capital for entrepreneurs. Investments need to be made in entrepreneurs' abilities, thus enabling them to grow their companies, which will lead to a major change in society.

Here is a detailed look at the case study of developing the se2invest website :

Industry: Investment Platform

Task: Create the complete web application and hand over deliverables to the clients.

Technologies and Integration: Language - PHP & Framework - Yii2

Duration: 2 months

The Challenges

This project came to us at the initial stage. The goal was to create a simple website for financial investments that help investors and entrepreneurs. Since a wide range of people wishes to use it, so the website should be less cluttered and must be easier to navigate. 

The Key Challenges of the project include :

1. There can be a wide range of target audiences: regular clients and prospects, startups, other businesses, and potential partners, regulatory bodies, online readers, and competitors. So surfing a portal becomes a breeze when navigation is comprehensive and content is minimalistic.

2. Investment requirement apps need to create data encryption and ensure that data is stored securely. Enhanced security and system resilience are a little difficult to achieve.

3. When we use too many colors on the screen, it looks complicated. Matching the banner color with the logo will make it look weird, which is not what the client wanted, so they wouldn't even consider the design. At last, we decided to go with blue only.

The process

The digital age demands a unique and engaging website, which is why we offer up-to-date technologies to boost your presence and ROI.

As a company, we don't leave any stone unturned to ensure that our clients have an amazing experience. ToXSL divides all phases of website development. Here's how we did it:

1. Gather Information

ToXSL's objective is to understand the client's needs and target audience and provide them with the most appropriate solutions. After compiling all the data, our team gathered everything. 

2. SiteMap/ wireframe

From our perspective, the website's view changes frequently. As per the website type and target audience, we will design and provide other implementation strategies. At this point, we create a sitemap.

3. Design Layout

Our design phase helps to regulate the look of a website. We chose a monochromatic shade of blue with a pinch of white in the middle section to offer a better user experience. 

4. Development

Then, we generate a functional website based on all the graphic elements.

5. Test and Launch

Following the development of the website, we tested and verified its compatibility. Launching the website follows.

The Outcome 

Launch Date: 11th July 2022

The main highlights provide:

1. The website provides a tried and tested method for raising capital.

2. There is complete transparency as the updated documents by the companies are available for verification once you are apart. 

3. Also, the expert team will be available soon for any financial advisory.

Finally, we delivered the completed project to our clients. All the time invested in the discovery process, creating a solid UI strategy, and design, and finally paid in the successful website development of se2invest.