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Revolutionizing Sports Coaching with “Pick your Coach”

Revolutionizing Sports Coaching with “Pick your Coach”

Pick Your Coach is based on the theme that connects professional coaches to sportsmen regardless of their geophysical location offering them a personalized experience.

The Brilliant Idea

ToXSL was contacted by a client from India, Akshay Beerala. The business owner wanted us to develop an application that has professional coaches from all over the world and, the sportsman can complete their training through video and chat options.

No matter what your goal is, the professional training is you get the world-class sports and fitness coaches on a click. Users need to download the app, book their coach through calling or chatting, for calling the OpenTok platform is used, and for chatting we used Firebase.


Pick your coach offers the best sports coaches covering large physical locations, users, sports of many types to achieve the following goals.

1. Offer Mobile Coaching

What problems are the sportsmen facing during their play? With mobile coaching, the sportsmen got a platform that eases their communication with professionally certified trainers. Regardless of your location, send your video to your coach while you are playing. Your coach will analyze, rectify errors, and correct your mistakes.

2. Schedule Appointments

Once the user finds the coach, they can tap the button and request a personal appointment with the sports coach they wish to hire for their training. It makes it simpler for the user to find the best professional coach across various sports disciplines.

3. Push Notifications

Now, when anything new is updated on your app, maybe a discount or a new feature with the push notification option. The app notifies you of all the information so that you don’t have to check the app every time.

4. Communication Tools

We have integrated communication tools for chatting, calling for all types of sports, and fitness coaching.

The Problems and Challenges Faced

The Coach book approached ToXSL to build an application and here are the challenges we faced:

1. User Experience

One of the challenges was designing a user-friendly UI where you can quickly avail all the coach information and all other things you are looking for. We carved a perfect interface that complements the deployed features to enhance UX.

2. Scalable Architecture

Since the app would be used worldwide they require multilingual support for various countries with a robust and scalable architecture. It allows multiple users to access the application at once, without affecting the performance.

3. Executing Complex and technical features

The complex features like payment gateways, multilingual and multi-currency support, the addition of the raw video, making changes in the videos, all of these excellent features were added both in the user and admin panel and integrated into the app.

4. Project Timelines

The project was to be completed on strict deadlines with extensive support. Our agile methodologies and ensured we completed, tested, and delivered the project on time without compromising with the quality.

Our Solutions

1. Agile Methodology for an Efficient Delivery

We follow an agile methodology that reduced the development time, decreased the time to market, and on-time delivery of the project.

2. Quick and Easy Communication

There is seamless communication between the coaches and the sportsmen with our integrated chatting and calling platforms.

3. Launched a unique Sports coaching Platform

By partnering with ToXSL technologies, Pick Your Coach got a unique and perfect experience for their audience setting a new paradigm in sports training.

Our Results

Unparalleled User Experience

The platform offered all the essential features and services that gave a seamless experience to the users. This includes booking a professional with a tap, friendly live and calling options, same day coaching through video, flexible payment gateway and many other features.

Timely App Launch

Despite the strict timelines we were able to deliver the project on-time with our strong project management skills. This helped ToXSL to successfully complete and deliver the app on time.

Work speaks Louder Than the Words

Download the applearn your favorite sport, and experience the benefits of a personalized experience.

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