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An Online Live Streaming Platform with a Premium Suite of Features

An Online Live Streaming Platform with a Premium Suite of Features

Online live-streaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. It brings an energetic notion and has become a craze in the center of the digital revolution. One such platform is The Plug Network which is a video-on-demand platform.

An American entrepreneur from Hempstead, New York along with few friends realized the need of adding Indian content to the American film industry. With such a passion for entertainment, they came up with an idea for a website and app development to entertain (Movies, Shows, Sports) its subscribers.

A good vendor-end-user relationship based on trust and long-term partnerships is crucial. Here are their roles:

Vendor: They offer services and videos, based on that they get the commission.

End-user: Just like other streaming platforms, end users can watch unlimited videos and movies with their monthly/yearly subscriptions.

The Challenges: Making Vision into Reality

A perfect video streaming app/website could revolutionize the entertainment industry, only if the platform is uniquely designed with all the effective features and other demands of customers. Here are a few challenges we faced during the app development:

1. Data Security

To secure the content (videos) on the website we used the Amazon S3 module that offered flexibility and security features while blocking unauthorized users from accessing data. It proved to be an excellent storage facility for video assets.

2. Load Balancer

When there is too much traffic on the server, we integrated a Load balancer that helped improve the uptime. It acted as a traffic cop and efficiently distributed the network or traffic across multiple servers in the server farm.

3. Robust Search Filters

We integrated robust search filters so that the user could directly search for relevant content without any hassles of scrolling multiple times.

4. Adding the Live Feature

The live feature lets you reach an audience in real-time. Live streams can be public, private, or unlisted.

Result: An Innovative App that Clients Loved

The collaboration of ToXSL and The Plug Network resulted in one of the best widely-adopted video streaming applications. Here are a few of the features listed below:

1. Seamless User Experience

The intuitive and simple user interface offered customers the right information at the right time. We believe in the era of digital-first experiences user experience is the most crucial and is usually the first and last impression of the company.

2. Live Video Streaming

We offer a feature of live-streaming that allows the client to hold real-time virtual events.

3. In-built Payment Gateway

Stripe/PayPal are the two payment gateways, we integrated within the application.

4. Cloud Storage

Video storage takes a lot of server space, which could be a costly affair. So, ToXSL offered cloud storage, that stored all their videos securely and safely on the cloud, that could be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

5. AI-Powered Recommendations

End-users receive recommendations based on their behavior, interests, history, reviewing, and many other sensors to bubble up relevant content.

Perfecting The Plug Network: An Ever-Evolving Project

After a journey of challenges, twists, and turns, ToXSL developed an application that was loved by the team The Plug Network. Based on feedback, ToXSL continued to upgrade the platform regularly to add new features and improve existing ones!

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