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ToXSL Technologies Delivered the Website: The Golden Network

ToXSL Technologies Delivered the Website: The Golden Network

The Golden Network is the elite-members only networking and socializing community in London. It was created in 2014 with the objective of bringing the like-minded people closes together who can then share a long term relationship. It gives an opportunity to the people to take advantage of all services that facilitate in building a connection with the relevant and similar professionals who are living in London.

Initial Situation

Since, it is all about building new relations and networks, it becomes very essential for the owner to offer a seamless and user-friendly web experience to the visitors visiting their website. 

Initially, the website was built using Yii 1.0 frameworks, but it offers certain drawbacks like security issues, auto-updation that leads to the removal of some important information. The client approach with certain general problems and ask our team to upgrade the website by using Yii 2.0 framework to make the website more tech-savvy and advanced. Also, the website was dull due to old featured designs. The client demanded to make it more alluring by adding colorful graphics and images. 

Pain Points

With Yii 1.0 framework there were some issues on the website like:

  • On-event method is used by the stable version that does not allow custom event names.
  • Only uses PHP as a primary template language
  • Uses Prefix-C and classes in the global new spaces.

Solutions Offered

ToXSL team of developers understands the need for upgrading the website and offered the advanced version of Yii 2.0 to develop the website. They update the website by using the latest technology like Bootstrap, jQuery, and PHP.  The team put their efforts to make the website attractive with graphic designs and images. Moreover, the web development framework Yii 2.0 overcomes the issue like the security of the website, auto-updates and makes the website more user-friendly.  

Clients Word

ToXSL Technologies is the best choice that I had made to upgrade my website. The team is very cooperative and offer a quick response to the questions and queries. They are a good listener and had provided me the best result. I am really satisfied with their work and can now utilize my website more.

The designing work is so alluring and eye-catching, much better than before. It has given an entirely new look to the website and of course, attracts more people towards it. I will highly recommend their services to those who want to update their website or want to create the new website right from scratch. 

About ToXSL Technologies

ToXSL Technologies is the ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering Web and Mobile App Development services. The company puts highly cooperative efforts, diligent work, and commitment by offering support to each other that provides significant outcomes. The team is experienced that offers considerable benefits to the clients with their great work. Till now, the company has successfully served 1500+ clients by delivering more than 2000 projects. The company deals with a wide range of the latest mobile and app development services like web and mobile app development services, web development frameworks, ERP software development, website designing, and a lot more.