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Celebrated The Spirit Of Dussehra At ToXSL!

Celebrated The Spirit Of Dussehra At ToXSL!

Having a joyful, warm, and festive aura of celebration in the workplace is most likely an employee's need to lift their spirits. That’s what ToXSL always does! We foster a work environment that is consistent with these values.

The ToXSL family organized an event to honor the Dussehra festival spirit. We celebrated this feast of the triumph of good over evil uniquely.

The entire staff dressed appropriately in traditional garb. We experienced many fun and interesting activities as part of this celebration. With a joyful atmosphere and delicious ladoos, we truly enjoyed a memorable day.

A Fun Approach to Collaboration and Productivity!

The event kicked off with some fun games that the HR department conducted to have a break from the monotonous routine and duties.

 It was great to see some of our employees participating in several fun games like hands and feet hopscotch, balloon race, tongue twister, pushup balance challenge, and many others. Following that, we had a variety of delightful dance performances performed by our talented employees.

 A few employees even showed off their singing and poetic qualities by performing poetry and songs in the workplace with their beautiful voices. 

The fun didn’t end yet!

We did not stop there, we added another dose of excitement with some drama, and masti with the Dandiya and Garba, which took the celebrations to a whole new level. A cheerful mood permeates the air as the beats on the DJ are at their loudest and the dancing is at its best.

Capturing the endless moments

Well, who would pass up the opportunity to pose when dressed so nicely? Our ToXSL family feminine power dressed up beautifully and thus enjoyed the photo session. Selfies ruled the entire evening, and everyone created cherished memories of celebrating this year's workplace Dussehra. 

A ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of employees

Considering the positive spirit shown by our employees, this celebration seemed to be one of a kind in its category. And We must say this celebration brings even more strong connection between the team members.

ToXSL has always held the belief that every member is motivated to increase productivity and produced the desired outcomes. Many prizes and certifications were distributed among our passionate and hardworking employees. 

At last, our CEO Shiv Charan Panjeta delivered a speech and wishes everyone good health and prosperity.

A bid farewell to a beautiful evening!

Time flew by unknowingly as the day ended. As no Indian celebration is complete without food so, some delicious snacks were served to make employees feel refreshed.

ToXSL has long believed that including holiday festivities and events in the workplace culture aids in the accomplishment of worthwhile goals. It is an excellent way to promote teamwork and reflect the culture of the business. 

Additionally, we can categorically state that this year's Dussehra celebration has dramatically raised the bar for any subsequent celebration.

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