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Everything You Should Know About Pizza Delivery App Development Like Dominos

Everything You Should Know About Pizza Delivery App Development Like Dominos

Pizza is one of the comfort food that everyone loves in the entire world. Not to surprise you, but as per research, people consume more than 400 pizza slices every second. From cheese to toppings and the sauce selection, pizza has everything a customer loves.

As digitalization is at its peak and mobile-friendliness continues to increase, online pizza delivery services offer ease to the users and help with comfortable access to get the pizza within minutes. Moreover, the current pandemic situation lead the global countries to enlarge their demand for a stress-free pizza ordering app development.

Are you a Pizza store owner, and it is becoming difficult for you to manage customers, staff, and inventory at a time? Well, we think developing an app similar to Domino's can come to your rescue. Delivering the customer's favorite pizza at their doorsteps is a great idea.

Are you planning for a pizza delivery app development? Continue reading this blog and gain in-depth knowledge about the Pizza delivery app solutions.

The Market Trend Continues To Rise

The global pizza delivery market continues to expand and becomes robust with time. The food delivery market is showing annual growth of +27.9% and is expected to rise continuously.

Users love the concept of online food ordering. One such trending concept is pizza delivery, which has a high market value.

Focusing on the main trends in the on-demand pizza delivery market, we have listed some of the major players in the segment.

  • Pizza Hut has a mobile application that offers convenience to the users to place their orders on a go. The app has inbuilt payment options, easy re-ordering of food, which makes user loves these applications.
  • Domino’s is one of the most popular mobile applications that have notable features, help you customize your toppings, has a unified order database, re-ordering, discounts/coupons, and many other options.
  • Papa Jonh’s is another example of the best-designed pizza delivery application and has many features offering convenience to the users.

Benefits of developing a Pizza Delivery Application

The paradigm is shifting, and people prefer online services because of their ease and time-saving ability. The app gets the exposure that attracts customers globally towards your brand. There are numerous benefits of investing in a Pizza delivery app development. 

1. Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the key for businesses to gain their trust. If you have started a new venture, it becomes vital to aware customers of your products, and nothing can do it better than developing a mobile application. Developing an efficient app is highly beneficial for your business.

2. Location-based Marketing

How would an app perform if the marketing is not right? Marketing is an emerging trend, and with the mobile delivery application, you can make users aware and notify them with the messages-such as discounts and offers on the opening based on the location of the customers.

3. Delivery Service

With efficient mobile app development, it becomes easy to improve the delivery services significantly. There is no need for the old and traditional method of calling. Placing the order on call may even lead to miscommunication and end up delivering the wrong food item. But all thanks to the Mobile application for pizza delivery!

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Business Models for Pizza Delivery App 

1. Individual Business Model

Individual business models, as the name says, have chefs who can prepare their pizza as per the customer's request. But they are not delivering the eatables. The user can request only for an order pick up or serves them for visiting the outlet.

These models do not have a delivery opportunity. You can reserve your table at the restaurant or request an order pickup.

2. Aggregator Business Model 

The business model acts as a mediator between the pizza outlets and delivery services. Here the aggregator collects for all the outlets listed on their platform. Aggregator receives the order. They pass it on to the restaurant. They prepare the meals, and the aggregator ensures safe delivery. The aggregator here receives a fixed commission and eases the deliveries. 

3. Order Focused Business Model

Order-focused deliveries take up the order and deliver it to the respective locations of the users. They are the make making the deliveries.

4. Logistic Focused Model

It is a business model that delivers orders at customer doorsteps. Outlets hire the services, and they perform the task of delivery to the user location.

5. Full-Service Delivery Model

Full-service pizza delivery business has their kitchens, chefs and has their delivery model similar to the Dominos. The app receives the order, prepares it, and delivers them itself to the users.

How does this pizza delivery app work?

1The first step is creating an account, and then with the unique features such as filter, search, and sort, they can choose the variety they want to order and know its cost.

2The customer can add on the toppings and customize their delivery options as per their taste and requirements. They can even choose the payment method.

3. The owner receives the notifications, prepares the order, and delivers it to the customer's doorstep or hires a third party for the delivery.

4. The delivery executive collects the order and delivers it on time while satisfying the customers.

Features you must include in On-Demand Pizza Delivery Solutions

A pizza delivery app improves your delivery services, and there are several features you must integrate that simplify the delivery process.

1. Sign-up/Log-in

It is the first step after the app development. The user sign-up using their email-id, password, or contact number. Sign-in via social media offers ease, and you must include the option.

2. Personal Profile

Users can create their profiles and can update their basic information, addresses.

3. Checkout Process

Once the user selects their meals, they can place their order and make the payment seamlessly.

4. Order Status and Tracking

User can track their orders, and also they can know the status of their order.

5. Payment Method

The secure payment method allows users to pay at their convenience. In-built gateways are secured and offer convenience. 

6. Feedback for the order

Users can provide genuine feedback as per their experience.

Owner Panel

1. Sign-up/Log-in

As the user panel signs in, the pizza owner also registers and sign in to their account via their email or social media credentials. 

2. Catalog Management

The catalog is generally the menu management and the ambiance. The owner manages the menu, can customize it, and make it attractive. 

3. Order Management

The orders received, delayed, and pending are all managed by the owner.

4. Dashboard & Analytics

The owner is concerned with data management, payments, offers, and with an efficient dashboard, it becomes easy.

5. Customer Reviews

The owner can view the reviews published by the consumers.

Admin Panel

1. Order Management

Admin monitors all the orders on a weekly or monthly basis by the admin.

2. Application Management

Admin manages and reviews the terms, conditions, and FAQs.

3. Offer Management 

Admin is responsible for offering discounts and coupons on the app. It is the most loved feature of the users.

4. Payment Management

Admin manages the payments and their modes.

5. Technical Support

Admin is responsible for managing the quality, bugs, app speed, response time, and more.

Advanced Features, You must include 

1. Advanced Analytics

With real-time analytics, you can get all the detailed information of the data stored in the database. It provides accurate data, and the business knows what the user like, what their taste is favorite offers, and a lot more. 

2. Menu Page Option

This page has all the categories and specifications. Focus on making the page more attractive and catchy by introducing the latest pictures. 

3. Geolocation

Integrate GPS into the Pizza delivery app. Using maps, the executive can efficiently deliver the order to the customer's doorstep. All the information is updated on a real-time basis.

4. Push Notification

It is one of the essential features that contribute to the visibility of your application to a great extent. It updates your user regarding all the offers, discounts, and other important information.

The Cost Estimation of Pizza Delivery App

Cost is the most crucial aspect of app development. Well, the cost of developing a pizza delivery app is not constant. Several factors affect its cost. For instance, the features you select and their complexity, the number of your app screens, design, the technology you choose, and the development method.


ToXSL puts in our years of experience and expertise to deliver their customers the best. Offering customized services to the users, we ensure to provide solutions that stand out of the crowd.

If you want to build a similar application for your business like Dominos, the team at ToXSL will be happy to share their experience in application development.

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