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ToXSL Completed 9 Years: Delivering Superior Digital Solutions!

ToXSL Completed 9 Years: Delivering Superior Digital Solutions!

The journey was never been easy, but it has been fulfilling. We are proud to have served superior business results for our clients.

It is a great honor to announce that ToXSL had crossed another milestone and turned 9! Although it just seems like a day before we started it began 9 years ago... Arose with an eminent vision and a small group of individuals, we started our journey towards success.

We would like to thank every employee of ToXSL for being an integral part. ToXSL has grown stronger with time and now a team of more than 270 employees.

We are risen to become one of the most reputable organizations. From extending our office space, enlarging our team, successfully delivering more than 5000 projects, having more than 2000 clients worldwide, we are proud of our accomplishments. ToXSL follows a unique culture that is based on trust, teamwork, and commitment. Every year we celebrate our journey while establishing a shared commitment with our team.

The success we have gained is truly beyond expectations. This journey was not possible without the immense dedication of our employees. We have been fortunate to our clientele who have been supporting us throughout the journey.

We appreciate the commendable performance of each one who has delicately worked with us and helped us accomplish milestones. We are ready for further challenges, grow more and continue to do our best, even more!

A Look Back At 2020: The Challenges We Faced!

2020 was quite a challenging year due to the pandemic outbreak. Working remotely, meeting deadlines, retaining security, communication, unpredictability, and onboarding were the major challenges we faced. Staying competitive during that time was tough! Despite all of this, we emerged from the crisis stronger than ever.

Where most of the organizations were cutting costs on staff and employees, we continued the process of hiring. We expanded our team, our space while successfully delivering the projects.

Working Together for Progress and Growth

The existence of one employee is dependent on the action of others. Therefore, the importance of teamwork and collaboration is paramount, and ToXSL believes the same. We work together towards progress, combining effective and efficient outcomes to meet both user and client expectations. Here is how we work at ToXSL:

1. We are growing Bigger and Better

In a matter of time, we feel proud to announce that ToXSL is growing bigger and better. We begin with a little space, and now we have acquired the entire 2nd floor of the building, which is a great achievement. Our office space has now increased to 25,000 sq feet with a capacity of 500 employees. We feel proud of these achievements and are truly grateful to the employees for this success.

2. Regular Seminars and Training for Employees

As our organization grows, the skills should grow along. We keep our employees constantly updated with the latest technologies, regular seminars, training, and skill sets letting them adapt to the new trends and market challenges.

3. Focus on Employee Health and Wellness

Whether it is about conducting a vaccination drive for the employees or Health Insurance to take care of all the basic healthcare needs of the employee, we completely support the health and wellbeing of our employees. Begin with a 2 Lakh plan, and now we are offering a premium of 5 Lakhs covering self and spouse.

We partnered with the health care experts and vaccinated all our employees as per the government guidelines.

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4. Hiring Strategies for the coming future

Combatting all the challenges, we continue to hire. We are still hiring and have planned to grow our team more within a year. ToXSL has planned to hire 200 employees by this year. Not only the employees, but we also boosted our revenue as well as the target.

5. Prioritizing our client's success

Technology has rapidly evolved and has changed how the business grows and retains clients. At ToXSL, we believe in customer satisfaction is the most crucial factor and what we work for. Customer satisfaction is increasingly becoming important for the growth of your organization.

Happy customers can moreover give trusted recommendations, and it is the healthiest way for your business to reach new heights.

6. Wellness Programs and Fun at Work

Whether it is a fun Friday, office parties, games/fun, employee training, or any other occasion, we cherish every moment at ToXSL. We have a friendly and enjoyable working environment and believe in organizing different events and parties for different occasions. We understand how difficult it is for the employees to manage food with the early office schedules and continue to offer buffet meals to all the employees.

Celebrating Each Moment

Celebrating every moment with rewards and recognition plays a big role at ToXSL. We never forget to appreciate the contribution of each one within the system. Creating a culture of gratitude, sharing helps to make a real difference for us!

We highly believe that when we talk of celebration, it is not only limited to our employees. But we extend and celebrate with our clients, housekeeping staff, and other departments we work with. Also, we have achieved many titles each year, but what we believe is that the greatest award is client satisfaction. Here are some of the honorable achievements throughout our journey:

1. Recognized by various Reputed firms

We have been considered the best at whatever we do. Therefore, we are recognized the best by various reputed and recognized firms.

2. Recognized as a global business leader

We feel proud to say that ToXSL is an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified global software services company. We have been recognized by CII, which stands for Confederation of Indian Industry. We are an official member of NASSCOM and have successfully delivered more than 5000 projects in different verticals.

Empowering Everyone To Rise

Everything we do has to drive a positive change in the lives of our employees and the communities we work in. Empowering everyone to rise is our common theme! Making a difference and an impact has always been the ultimate agenda of our organization. We foster the holistic growth of the employees while supporting their passion and ambitions. ToXSL is a place where people’s ideas and skills are most valued and everyone is treated with dignity.

It is culture and legacy that make ToXSL one of the best places to work while thriving in all the challenges that emerged due to the global crisis.

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We are proud of what we have achieved!

Well, there is so much more to accomplish together. We continue to make ToXSL one of the leading app development companies. While stepping into the 10th year of superiority, we would love to thank everyone for your loyalty and everything that you do for each other and our clients!