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Embracing On-site Employees at ToXSL During the Pandemic Outbreak

Embracing On-site Employees at ToXSL During the Pandemic Outbreak

We ensure to keep the health and well-being of the employee as the top priority.

While the pandemic has forced many employees to work remotely, some employees need to be present on-site. Working on-site during the outbreak not only poses a threat to the employees, but also the leaders. As per research, the category of employees still going to the workplace is 30-40%.

At ToXSL, we ensure to take the necessary steps and support our employees during the hard times. From sponsoring buffet meals for the employees to ensuring their safety and seeking their feedback we ensure to take all the required precautions and steps. For the many employees still working on-site during COVID-19, the HR priority is their physical and mental safety and well-being. Even small things can improve the employee experience.

For the employees still going on-site and working, ToXSL considers it as a topmost priority to ensure their physical and mental well-being at work. Always remember, even the small gestures could make a lot of difference and transform the experience of these employees. The employees need protection, assistance, and continuous support during these hard times we proactively continue to monitor how the employees feel at the workplace. We prioritize all the equipment such as masks, timely sanitizing the premises and hands, and other personal protective things.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees into home offices, a huge number of employees must be physically present at their workplaces. HR needs a comprehensive strategy to manage the experience for these employees.

As the pandemic continues to worsen the situation across the globe, our HR leaders are considering these critical measures to support the employees working on-site.

1. Sponsored Buffet Meals

At ToXSL we understand how difficult it is for the employees to manage food with the early office schedules. But we have got that covered. We ensure to arrange lunch for all the on-site employees. The HR teams at ToXSL ensure to maintain decorum while keeping all the COVID-19 guidelines in the mind.

2. Ensure Employee Safety

Employees who are working and still have to report in person are screened carefully before they enter the premises. Our practices continue to encourage employees with symptoms to stay at home while amending our policies for the sick employees during this situation.

3. Regular Communication with Employees

We ensure the employees working on-site do not have any kind of stress mentally. We care about all our employees and have their best interests in mind. We continue to educate employees by sharing relevant and fact-based information regularly. 

4. Seek Employee Feedback

Well, feedbacks help us to learn more about the areas we can improve on and manage the safety and experience of on-site workers. We try to constantly receive feedback from those employees that are coming into the workplace to learn from them. We ensure to make ToXSL a safer workspace for our employees.

We know our employees are working hard to make an impact. As an employee-oriented organization, these are the small gestures we can do for them. We simply thank all our employees and recognize their contribution that they are making by working so hard!