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Empowering all our Female Employees on the International Women’s Day

Empowering all our Female Employees on the International Women’s Day

Women are the strong pillars of our society and have always been a symbol of patience and power.

Every year around the world 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day that signifies equality, respect, and appreciation for them. Women are divided by boundaries, culture, economy, and more, but on this day everyone comes together and celebrates their victory. The day represents a nine-decades of struggle and justice for women.

 At ToXSL, we aim to promote women, their leadership, hard work, and accomplishments in all fields. Our main motive is to accelerate gender parity, access equal rights and opportunities for our female employees.

Here are the deep insights into how ToXSL celebrated their female role models that came from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Spotlight on our Female Employees

Working in an organization with no boundaries and endless opportunities is awesome! Yes, at ToXSL we aim to make space for more women on the table and make sure they are a part of recruitment enabling better representation in all the areas. We offer a much safer working environment for women helping them to climb the ladder of success.

ToXSL values diversity and inclusion are committed to the principles of equal employment and opportunity.

We feel proud of the women in our team and could not be any happier to take out some time and thank them for their contribution to what they bring to ToXSL every day.

We encourage women in leadership, and therefore senior-level women at ToXSL are significantly more. Our women managers have broken the glass ceiling as they lead most of the teams and demonstrates their command & control style.

With the average being around 45% of women with us, we offer them great employment and career opportunities. Thanks to these brilliant and most creative minds!

Here are a few highlights with a long day celebration which included motivational speech, cake cutting, dance, a giveaway for the women employees, and capturing the moments.

1. Building up Excitement with Decoration

The basic need is to engage people in a meaningful environment. Sometimes the journey is the destination, and we build up excitement to the big day with balloons, props, posters, and much more. The props included handwritten notes, funny sunglasses, and Tiaras.

2. Started with Cake Cutting

Well, the event started with the cake-cutting ceremony. All the pretty ladies gathered in the pink and purple color attires, cut the cake that was served to everyone.

3. Women Empowerment Speech

The fun included some motivation as well. The speech on women empowerment was given by three of the seniors from ToXSL. Their speech was very influential as they talked about the importance of women in our society and how they balance work and life.

4. Giveaway for the Women Employees

Every woman loves gifts regardless of where they are on the corporate ladder. We gifted all the pretty ladies chocolates and flowers to make them feel special. We expressed our affection towards them and made them feel special.

5. Capturing the Magical Moments

How can we forget to capture the precious moments? Using different props and tiaras, beautiful moments were captured. Because life's little moments are meant to be captured, we have in the frame, the laughter, the ambiance, and the beauty.

The event ended with the snacks party and the yummy dessert!

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International Women’s Day at ToXSL

The day is an opportunity for all the women to feel empowered and give more visibility to their struggles that have faced throughout. Simple words of encouragement, love can go a long way in lifting them and inspiring them to keep going, that is what we do at ToXSL.

An organization is as good with its employees. Our HR Team ensured that the celebrations proceed well, hereby thanking all the strong ladies of the department. We look forward to days like these more often and wish them a very happy International Women's Day.