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A Day of Women’s Empowerment, their Rights and Equality

A Day of Women’s Empowerment, their Rights and Equality

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. A major day celebrated globally that appreciates, respect, and shows love towards women for their social and economic achievements. It means different things to different people-but globally focuses on the idea of equality.

At ToXSL we feel diversity is as important as product innovation. Focusing on diversity, gender equality creates room for innovation and offers real results for the business.

Our commitment to gender equality at ToXSL

For over a decade, ToXSL has been at a forefront of employing and empowering women. We have 45% of the female employees with us offering great employment and career opportunities for them. We have created a social environment that facilitates a gender-equal workspace.

All the women working with us have a fierce and robust spirit that makes them excel in their fields. We have  been active throughout in highlighting the crucial role women play in enhancing the growth of our organization and fostering women’s leadership. Not only for the organization, but the contribution of women is massive in every sphere of life-they do contribute towards the lives of family members and the country as well.

Yes, the scenario has changed, but there is still a long way to go and forge a true balance for the better.

Dedicated to all the courageous women in life, here is our role model and Director, Mrs. Monika Panjeta, who truly is a great inspiration to all of us. The way she has met a perfect balance between her work and life is commendable. We would like to thank her for being open-minded, constructive, and helpful for all the mountains of advice she has given to us.

What values drive Women’s day?

As International Women’s day continues to be a robust platform, the world becomes a better place when the women feel no hardships to exist. Here to celebrate the social, cultural, and political achievements of women many values drive this day. The most valued guides of International Women’s day we follow at ToXSL are:

1. Justice

While the word may have different justifications, here we refer to the respect and equality of women amongst others. The call for justice still prevails and women seek equal treatment and opportunity as men.

2. Dignity

Dignity is a value and at ToXSL it refers to the idea that everyone whether male or female should be valued and given equal treatment.

3. Hope

Hope refers to expectations and a desire for the same thing to happen. Everyone hopes for something, and it might mean believing good things will happen with faith in a higher power.

4. Equality

Equality means ensuring everyone is treated with equal opportunities so that they can make the most of their lives. With us, it refers to the women receiving the same opportunities and benefits as men.

5. Appreciation

Women’s day offers a specific moment where the achievements of women are recognized and identified. Women are appreciated for the role they play in society's contribution so that they are motivated and move forward.

6. Respect

Respect for others and respect for self play an important part in forging gender equality.

7. Empathy

Empathy refers to understand and share feelings. It's vital to seek, understand and appreciate differences that are the key to forge deep relationships. We at ToXSL understand the challenges and obstacles that women face and endure in the progressive world.

8. Forgiveness

Women since ages have been mistreated. It’s time to focus and pay attention to the efforts they have made. Women's day stands for the positive change that we have all have brought together.

What’s in it for you at ToXSL?

Women are the key to preserve the human race and in today's world, the importance of women in society is beyond any suspicion.

At ToXSL, we value everything that women in their lives do. It is the only day we can acknowledge the value and make them realize their importance in our lives.

Let’s have candid conversations, insightful sessions, and friendly chitchat over light snacks and tea. The event includes some gifts and surprises for all beautiful girls. Let’s together have a blast!