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How Does an Attractive Logo Build Your Brand Personality?

How Does an Attractive Logo Build Your Brand Personality?

People who visit your website for the first time will spend 6 seconds looking at your logo and form an impression of your company. This is the reason why you should be very careful while designing a logo for your business. A logo is the trademark of your organization. It is a fact that pictures and graphics catch our attention and stay prominent in our memory for a longer time. Your business is recognized with the logo all across the globe. It is something that is going to be designed for once but would be used by your business for ages so make sure you hire the right designers that would build a brand name of your business through an impressive logo design. Your company's name would always be displayed along with the logo be it on your website or social media platforms. That makes the logo design an important factor in brand building.

How does the Logo Impact Your Business Growth?

Let's discuss this with the help of examples, when you are on a long drive over the highway and see a board displaying a big yellow M on a red background. The vision immediately brings a smile on our face knowing that McDonald's is not far. Now the logo is what we spot on the highway to know where McDonald's is. The logo has made a great impact on our minds and we have settled with the fact that the yellow M on a red background is McDonald's. Same is the case with all the big brands like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon or Microsoft. These brands are known by their logo widely. An attractive logo can make a space in the customer's mind and can be remembered forever. Also, your logo describes your brand. The logo for the fashion industry might have pictures of fashion jewelry in it or the logo for food of food business might have beverages or food items in it.

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Create Your Logo with Brand Personality

  • Typography: The type of font used for the logo design says a lot about your business. If you are firm with modern goals your logo is most likely to have stylish fonts. If your firm follows traditional standards, you might choose the simple standard fonts.
  • Shape: The shape of your logo also says a lot about your logo. The angles and the symmetry of the logo design influence the perception of the logo among the customers. The logo with sharp angles is less approachable than the circular shaped logo.
  • Colors: The color of your logo would be the color of your brand. Colors play an important role in logo designing. The colors that are used in your logo say a lot about the brand. The brand that is specifically for females tends to use feminine colors like pink, purple, violet and red. The business dealing with nutritious food is most likely to go with green color. The color combination is the most impactful feature of the logo.
  • Spacing: The amount of whitespace or empty space used in the logo design helps to draw attention to the main element in the logo. You may decide if you wish to use every space of the design for detailing or just leave a few empty spaces to highlight something.
  • Images: Images are processed faster in the brain than text. So if you plan to use images for logo design, make sure that the image is relevant, attractive, authentic and consistent in context with the brand personality.

Hire the Best Logo Designers to Design Your Logo

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