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Practices to be Followed by a Web Design Company

Practices to be Followed by a Web Design Company

Whenever discussing the standards and best practices of web designing companies in India, we are greeted with the same refrain that web designers are innovative following their own paths and by setting standards for them will somehow lose our creative edge. But do we really require standards? There are web designers who are doing superb work and are trying tirelessly to build reputations and create a body of great work. To make sure these efforts are not going in vain we need to create a set of standards and best practices which can be followed without harming innovation or creativity.

Below listed are some of the best practices that can be implemented to actually boost creativity and innovation instead of hindering them.

Deliver within Timeline: We have the examples where even a simple project of 15 days gets delayed and takes 2-3 months to be delivered. This is not at all acceptable by the clients. Web designers should mention the timeline before they start working on the project and then make every effort to deliver the project within the given time. In many cases, the delay is at the client's end which can be mitigated by clearly communicating that the client is equally responsible for delivering at his end.

Work in Milestone: In many cases, clients constantly change their minds rejecting the designs which could be mitigated to some extent by properly documenting each step and move ahead only when it is approved by the client. Once it is approved by the client, he cannot change it without paying an additional cost. It is better to use a project management tool that tracks various stages of the project and clearly communicates when any step is about to start or end.

​​​​​​Offer after Sales Service: Offer annual maintenance contract under which you can maintain the website for the client even after the project is over. This can be very lucrative for the designer as well as very attractive and beneficial for the clients. Setup an SLA and mention the amount of time within which you will be offering the maintenance service. Helping the client to keep his website dynamic and up-to-date is a win-win situation for both sides.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver: As the web design industry is too competitive, designers tend to promise everything and anything to the clients to get the job. They elevate the client expectations to such a high level that the fall is inevitable. Therefore, it is better to under promise the clients and delight them by over delivering at the end.

On the off chance that you go through all the above pointers, they are straightforward and simple. Be that as it may, it is stunning how small part of it is implemented. Laziness should be shaken off to get into action. Customers expect outstanding service from designing industry and being one of the best web design services providers, we owe it to them to stand up and deliver. It will require a lot of investment of time and work to repair the harmed position of the website designing industry.

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