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Valentine's Day Celebration auf Facebook
2018-02-15 16:57:53
2018-02-15 16:57:53

Valentine's Day Celebration

By | Life at ToXSL |

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Valentine's Day Celebration

All of us here at ToXSL Technologies love to have fun activities at our workplace. We take every possible opportunity to do some fun and team-oriented activities on each occasion. This year for Valentine's day we planned to organize a game for the employees called Cupid Confidential. The activity was indeed a fun in which employees secretly wrote the name of other employees on a heart-shaped paper whom they adore or want to show their affection along with their signature.

The person who received the maximum number of hearts with his/her name won the game. To add more excitement to the event, we even added dress code for the day. All the girls were dressed in red and the boys were dressed in black. In the end, the winner was honored with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates which also included some candies. We also served refreshments after the game which was followed by a few dance performances. CEO of the company, Mr. Shiv Panjeta believes that Valentine's Day is not only for the couples and hence took this opportunity to extend greetings that he truly cares and loves the staff.

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