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Turning 11: Celebrating The Success Of Our Company Culture Through The Lens Of Time

Turning 11: Celebrating The Success Of Our Company Culture Through The Lens Of Time

Time flies when dreams become reality – just ask those behind ToXSL Technologies!”

On July 15, 2023, we celebrated eleven incredible years since our founding. Whatever ToXSL has achieved, it was not easy. It was the hard work, tireless efforts, persistence, and discipline of our leader, Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta, that today ToXSL Technologies has touched great heights, and now we are one of the leading business leaders in the industry.

11 Years Of ToXSL, 11 Years Towards Excellence”

It was a brilliant day to show our greetings and gratitude towards each other. Also, it was a great opportunity to thank all those who supported the company through its ups and downs.

From Startup To Industry Leader: Celebrating Eleven Years of Growth

Although the 11-year celebration was unique and graceful in its own way, it is completely due to the dedication and values that people have for ToXSL. To honor and celebrate their contribution to our success, we made sure that the celebration was top-class.

Venue: Hosted at Arista Hotel (Mohali, Punjab), the event was filled with joy and excitement, giving the vibe of festivity. The place was filled with joy and zeal with the celebration of the success achieved over 11 amazing years. It was a perfect spot to indulge in laughter, entertainment, and warm spirits while we mark another glorious chapter in our history books, reflecting on old and new memories. The stage was lit up with stunning light decorations, and dance performances like the Bhangra and solo dance lit it on fire. Together, we truly appreciate all efforts that were put in to make the day so magical.

Anchor’s Grace: To elevate the event with powerful yet polite words, we hired an anchor. Her elegance captured hearts and minds as she shared stories of our company’s perseverance and achievements. She gave the introductory speech, and her kindness and generosity brought warmth and energy to everyone present.

Joyful Games: As part of our 11-year anniversary, we conducted a few fun games that helped bring teams together and enhance communication among employees. The purpose of games was to improve the sense of collaboration, trust, and closeness among employees. Everyone was enjoying the games and hardly looked at the clock.

Founder's Remarks: Our honorable CEO, Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta, who holds the roots of the organization firmly, extended his gratitude to his talented employees. Further, he reflected on the magnificent journey of ToXSL. From overcoming challenges and complex problems to working with wonderful clients, the journey of ToXSL is filled with lots of patience, hard work, commitment, and glory.

Awards and Recognitions: We firmly believe that to win in the marketplace, we must first win our employees. Rewards and recognitions are the perfect way to do so. We are grateful to each and every employee of ours and have recognized our star employees with awards. To motivate other employees, the award winners shared their views on how they were able to achieve the project targets and exceed expectations.

Cake Cutting: Well, we love to celebrate each and every special moment with a cake cutting. All the senior executives were called upon the stage to cut the cake.

Just like this cake is shared among friends and colleagues alike, so too are the successes and triumphs of our collective journey.”

Moreover, the cake was not only delicious but unique in taste, making the celebration excellent.

Dining Together: We had a wide variety of food items available, including Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and soft and hard drinks.

Happy and motivated employees help the organization grow, and tasty food never fails at making people happy.”

Dinner gave all of us a bright chance to take time for healthy conversations and make our bonds stronger with each other. After dinner, ice cream was served, making the dinner more satisfying.

Dancing Together: Dancing not only keeps you fresh and happy, but it also instills confidence in the employees. It magically brings people together and helps them enhance their bonding, which further helps them improve their productivity at work.

Capturing the Moments: Time flies, and with that, we forget the precious moments we have spent over time.

There are no rules for good photographs; there are only good photographs.”

Neither we can stop time nor the great moments. Hence, we ensured to capture the great moments in the photographs.

Conclusion: A Night To Remember

We feel truly blessed and grateful for all that we have achieved. Our business has thrived through challenges and changing market behaviors. We have grown and come far from where we began in 2012. Also, we thank our employees, the human resources department, and the participants for making the event successful. With that, we have stepped into another decade, and we will make sure that the upcoming years are brighter and more successful, and ToXSL will shine like never before.