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ToXSL Snowballed Christmas Spirits At Work

ToXSL Snowballed Christmas Spirits At Work

Christmas is a season of magic and lights. This is the season that encourages feelings of warmth, oneness, and harmony among each other. We at ToXSL celebrated the most magical times of the year with the magic of glittery decoration, music, treats, gifts, and joy.

We carried out many activities to celebrate Christmas's wonder and joy. They are:

Decorations: We started the joy of a warm festival with decorations. We decorated the whole office with a touch of magic and made it a Christmas haven. We had two unique Christmas Trees decorated with pictures, lights, snowflakes, gifts, gingerbread, and a wreath.

Secret Santa: Secret Santa is a gift-giving game. The concept of the game was simple. All employees’ name was placed into a box and mixed up. Each person picks one name from the box and did not disclose the name. Now, that person becomes Secret Santa and will buy a gift for the person whose name showed up. 

This game is a sweet way to surprise the people in your life, and this game maintains the mystery.

Gifts and Candies: The music was played and Santa came with candies and gifts. With his heart filled with joy, he handed the gifts and candies over to all the employees. We all had a lot of fun together. 

The Secret Chit Game: We decided to play a Secret Chit Game and let each other speak their heart out secretly. In this game, everyone got a chit on which they wrote their message and the name of the person they want to deliver the message to. 

Festival Attire: Making this season warm, we all dressed up in the warm colors of Christmas. Everyone wore Red, White, or Green color on this magical day. Also, a lot of beautiful pictures were clicked.

The Snacks and The Drinks: We had perfect Christmas with perfect Christmas food and Christmas Eve appetizers. We had cake, sandwiches, and drinks.

Entering the New Year

Our team celebrated the eve by giving and receiving harmony, love, and smiles. ToXSL took this chance to thank its employees for their equal contribution to the growth and success of the company over the last years.

Christmas leads us towards the New Year, we hope that the new year brings in a lot of new and exciting opportunities and great business success. By sending warm greetings to all, and without new resolutions, we are all set to step into the new era of our growth and success.