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Spreading Light, Happiness, And Enthusiasm At ToXSL – Diwali Celebrations 2022

Spreading Light, Happiness, And Enthusiasm At ToXSL – Diwali Celebrations 2022

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of India's most celebrated and anticipated festivals. Everyone excitedly awaits the arrival of this event, and celebrations begin weeks before the actual day. The markets are decked out, residences are being redecorated, and everyone is drowning in the holiday spirit.

So, why did the ToXSL family pass up this opportunity? It is our culture to bring the joy of each event into our office and enjoy it with our colleagues.

This year's pre-Diwali celebrations at the ToXSL office were vibrant with color. This celebration of lights, laughter, love, and positivity will bring us all together once more.

Decking up the premises for the festive season

The office was decorated with fairy lights, which illuminated the entire space. The high level of enthusiasm among staff, who were all dressed in Diwali ethnic wear, set the tone for the company to enjoy the festival of lights.

While our ladies were dressed in stunning sarees, suits, and gowns, our males were not far behind. For the occasion, they wore ethnic kurtas and sherwanis. It was heartwarming to see everyone dressed in traditional attire and beaming with joy.

Diwali Pooja – The Opening Act

The celebration began with a Diwali Pooja in which we paid our respects to Lord Ganesha and prayed for good fortune, thriving satisfaction, and well-being on this day. The sweets as the Prashad were distributed among all. That's how the day started on a good note.

Geared up the festive mood with fun activities and competition

Before everyone boulevard ahead to celebrate the festival, we intended to make it more memorable, by bringing out the artistic potential of the ToXSL family.

1. The Rangoli Competition

With the very of time, the Rangoli competition began, and the teams proceeded to their various department locations. Our passionate employees got down on their knees and created dazzling Rangoli to express their enthusiasm for the festival and its cultural icons. After all, it’s Diwali!

The enthusiasm and intensity had been very much. Everyone sneaks into what the other team is working on, scurrying all over the place to organize the assets needed, and scouring the internet for better ideas.

2. Diya Decoration

After that, the Diya Competition began. This craft competition is the finest part since the employees surprised us with some fantastic diya decorations they created. They demonstrated their talent by artistically decorating earthen Diyas with various beads, colors, and sparkles.

3. Musical Chairs

Well, there is no age limit for playing musical chairs. Many groups were created and played the game with concentration. In the end, the game became interesting as no one guess who win it. But somehow, there was a lot of suspense and laughter that made the day even more cheerful. 

4. Dance performances

Following that, we had a variety of delightful dance performances like bhangra, and giddha performed by our talented employees. Everyone was hooting and appreciating them with clapping.

Appreciating talent with the Hampers!

After the competition, it was time to reward the winning team with chocolate hampers. Finding the winning team was a difficult assignment, so the HR team devised a surprise to praise and award all teams to respect their efforts.

Everyone was cheerful and in the mood to celebrate the event.

Diwali Presents – The highlights of the day!

Who doesn't enjoy receiving gifts? The Diwali festival is the ideal time to express gratitude.

A Diwali gift session was held where the Diwali gifts were distributed and everyone had big smiles on their faces. Finally, our CEO, Shiv Charan Panjeta delivered the speech and wished everyone a safe, prosperous happy Diwali. 

The Delectable goodies and blastful dance!

And here the best part comes. Employees were being handed delectable treats. And the fun doesn't stop there. At the end of the day, everyone is in sync! There is, however, no dance floor. What does it matter? You don't need a disc or a floor to dance when you're in the mood for a festival. Your office transforms into a disco, and your cafeteria into a dance floor.

That’s how the day wraps! ToXSL thanks every employee who took part in the celebration and made us feel like a big close-knit family. Happy Diwali in advance to everyone!!!

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