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Celebrated The Festival Of Lights: Diwali 2021

Celebrated The Festival Of Lights: Diwali 2021

Diwali is one of the biggest and auspicious festivals that brings joy all over the country. Celebrated by diverse cultures and communities with extreme glory, Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It inspires us to fight evil and follow a path of goodness.

ToXSL began the celebrations with prayers and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi for health and prosperity on this day. The Diwali celebration at ToXSL was filled with the color of light and, of course, the Rangoli.

All the teams were very enthusiastic and poured forth their love into the celebration with their ethnic attire. There was a gleam of engagement amongst all the employees!

From distributing sweets, gifts, rangolis, diyas, and other activities, we performed all the rituals, celebrated the festival, and made it super exciting. Take a look yourself!

Decking up our Premises for the festive season

The entire premises was decorated with beautiful lanterns, frills over cubicles, diyas, flowers, and fairy lights, keeping the spirit of light alive in our hearts. The colorful ethnic clothes reflected the liveliness of the festival at ToXSL!

Throwing some more light on our perfect celebrations

From lighting diyas to making rangolis, we were all busy and emerged in different activities. Here are glimpses of the wonderful festival of lights. Read it and let us know if the fun brings smiles to your face while taking you down memory lane!

1. Rangoli Competition: Embracing the colors

Everyone was in the festive mood since morning only, and just after the Puja, began the Rangoli competition. Rangoli is usually made at the entrance to welcome Goddess Laxmi, and we decided to embrace the festival of colors with a Rangoli Competition.

It was held in different teams, and all the members were super excited. Have a glance at the pictures of Rangolis made by our super talented teams.


2. Exchanging gifts: Big part of the celebration

Diwali's gifts are a big part of the celebration and a perfect way to express gratitude. It is one of the most thoughtful ways that help build a good relationship with the employees.

The gifts and sweets were given to all the employees, and the pictures show the smile on each face!

Diwali Gift

3. Diwali Themed Tambola

Tambola is one of the most loved games and helps employees to enjoy the festive season entertainingly. Every participant got a Tambola ticket, and the winners were given cash prizes.


4. Another Engaging Activities

Another engaging activities included freeze dance and the Diwali-themed musical chair. Diwali bash recalls the energetic songs. The songs started, and there was just one rule, freeze instantly when the music stops.

Another activity was the musical chair with a different theme. Every participant who did not get the chair claimed a ticket where there were other participants' names. The participant's name on the ticket had to leave the chair!


5. Broking into one big dance floor

No party at ToXSL is complete without breaking the dance floor. The evening became more beautiful when everyone enthusiastically stepped on the dance floor and gave cherished memories for a lifetime.


6. Delicious Diwali Food Menu

We embraced the festival with a special lunch buffet. The lunch menu was a spread of delicious meals.

What a spectacular Diwali it was for ToXSL!

The true essence of the festival lies in the togetherness, new beginnings, and positive energy in our lives. We wish the divine lights bless you and your family with the best of everything.

Our celebrations were colorful and, we wish the festival of lights brings you peace, prosperity, success, health, and great happiness!

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