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Salute To Freedom's Spirit: Celebrated 75 Years Of Independence

Salute To Freedom's Spirit: Celebrated 75 Years Of Independence

"New enthusiasm, new resolutions, and new heights. We take new steps to make our country pride!!"

India has made great strides over the past few years. Throughout India's history, it has come a long way. We are still on the journey, and it's been a long one. Being a citizen of a country that has shaped its culture and people in a way that has paralleled its path of success brings us massive pride!

To honor the spirit of our nation's heroes, our ToXSL family celebrated Independence Day most wonderfully. Everyone was energetic and motivated to make the occasion special and memorable.

Observing this day serves as a reminder of all the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to set India free. So, it was decided that to keep the mood of the day alive in the office, sparkles, and decorations were set up for the celebrations.

On the morning of August 15, 2022, each department cabin was beautifully decorated with flags and balloons decorations featuring the tri-color theme. Adding a dash of ethnicity to the day was the cherry on top.

In keeping with the day's colors, all employees wore Saffron, White, and Green attire. Colorful decorations adorned the office with a sense of patriotism and at the same time made everyone feel good.

Even the HR department came up with many fun activities. Following the event, various games were played, such as musical chairs, a quiz related to pre-Independence, and many others.

The group even gathered to take a group picture with our National Flag. An enjoyable photo session and tasty evening snacks rounded out an enjoyable day.

ToXSL celebrated 75 years of independence to rejoice in India's glory!

It was an unforgettable experience, feeling goosebumps while singing songs in honor of our nation's heroes and singing songs of patriotism.

Our soldiers are so courageous that they continuously fight on borders to protect our nation because freedom is priceless. Consequently, we should cherish and preserve this freedom with all our hearts.

Our employees were encouraged to revive the love, honor, dedication, and responsibility for the nation in our company since it is said that the country's future lies in its younger generation.

To that end, we encouraged our employees to contribute to the uplift and growth of the country in any way they could. For years, we fought and thousands of people gave their lives to free this country. Despite his state or country of residence, every Indian should appreciate the day.

At last, we ended the day on a high note as everyone changed into holiday mode to finish the day on a high note. Some scrumptious snacks and sweets were distributed to celebrate the ever-growing freedom of our nation.

A memorable event like this is yet another one that can be accounted for in the story of ToXSL's journey.