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Throwback To The 10 Glorious Years At ToXSL: Call For The Celebration Indeed!

Throwback To The 10 Glorious Years At ToXSL: Call For The Celebration Indeed!

Each year, the company gets older, "and" there is a bit more to celebrate. We are happy to inform you that ToXSL has completed 10 glorious years in the world of software development!

Over the years, The tremendous efforts of ToXSL in offering services to clients and helping their businesses achieve new heights; have led the company on a path of extensive growth, along with establishing a robust reputation globally.

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of every individual. Wishing you all a happy 10th Anniversary.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Shiv Charan Panjeta, ToXSL continued to evolve and became a trusted partner, offering a competitive edge to the clients! Amid the ups and downs, difficulties, pandemics, and other challenges, ToXSL always came out stronger.

ToXSL 10th Anniversary Celebration- Decade of success!

On the 25th of June 2022, the ToXSL family celebrated its 10th anniversary with great splendor while marking the achievements and success of the company. There was excitement and smiles on everyone’s faces, and the celebration turned out to be a gateway to fun, recognition, appreciation, and the old stories of course!

Venue - We had booked Arista Palace Banquet Hall- A beautiful venue and the party began at 6 pm. We were overwhelmed with their welcome, arrangements, and staff behavior and yes, they did a fantastic job!

With amazing light decoration, the stage was set to fire with the dance performances, including Bhangra, solo dance, and the ramp walk!

Anchor and her words of appreciation!

We had invited an anchor to host the show and make it more memorable. She began the show with the prettiest smile on her face. She delivered a welcome speech, and called our honorable CEO with his family for a lamp lighting ceremony to begin the show!

Words by our CEO

Our mentor, Shiv Charan Panjeta, got emotional recalling the journey, the achievements, and the beautiful memories we hold from the past and cherish to date. We have a long vision and goals and continue to transform ourselves. As we began our journey in 2012, we enjoyed it with an amazing video on the projector, and it filled our hearts with joy and more confidence!

The success that we have achieved in 10 years, marks the space for many more triumphs and achievements to avail!

Rewards and Appreciation

Now it is time to appreciate the employees who have shined throughout the years with consistent excellence and helped reached the position.

These employees were invited to the stage and were appreciated with cash prizes, certificates, and trophies. They shared their side of the story and inspired each and every one present there!

Now it’s time for the cake cutting!

Any celebration at ToXSL is incomplete without cake cutting!

The seniors and the team leads were called upon the stage for the cake cutting. The vanilla cake embellished with a unique design and taste made our celebration outstanding.

And Dinner Time!

The amazing meal was planned by the caterers at Arista itself! From starters to the main course and dessert, we were served the best at our tables. It was an authentic and well-organized dinner buffet for all, and we enjoyed it without chit-chat sessions.

Towards the Dance Floor!

Following our tradition, we quickly gathered and rocked the stage. Trust me, everyone danced as if no one looked. The dance on the DJ beats turned out to be one of the most enjoyable activities, and no one was ready to move down the stage!

Final Words

Completing a decade in such a competitive business world is an achievement for any organization. And to make it a lifetime moment, we had a grand celebration like this. It was amongst one of the best celebrations we had at ToXSL!

A big thanks to the employees, human resources department, and participants for their contribution towards making the event more lavishing. We hope for a good fortune for everyone.

Ten years is only the beginning, so long as we are together; the best is yet to come!