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A Day Of Celebration For Women’s Rights And Advocacy: Cheers To Equality!

A Day Of Celebration For Women’s Rights And Advocacy: Cheers To Equality!

"To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves."

International Women's Day celebrated every year around the corner marks a day for their advocacy, rights, and equality. It is a day that marks their essence and celebrates their achievements.

Women are the future leaders and have revolutionized the workspace by using their most effective traits in the workspace. They are breaking the societal norms and continue to drive success in whatever field they choose!

To acknowledge the contribution of women, ToXSL celebrated International Women's Day with great zeal and planned multiple activities thoughtfully. We are an organization that is committed to being a place where women can thrive.

We Build a workplace where women thrive.

Women in the workplace made a stride and there is a shift in the role of women in the professional world. Women prefer working in an environment that offers them endless growth opportunities, zero tolerance towards harassment, flexible schedules, and more!

ToXSL is one such organization that makes most of the cultural shifts in the organization to make it more women-friendly. When it comes to female leadership, we have most women managers leading the teams and helping us with better financial outcomes.

We value diversity and inclusion and feel proud of every woman employee helping us climb the ladder of success. Thanks to the brilliant and creative minds we have with us!

Making the day special for all our lovely ladies.

To honor the life, grit, and determination of the women, we conducted a few activities to make their day even more special. Let’s quickly jump on that.

1. Building up excitement at the big day

Building up the excitement on this big day, we decorated the entire premises with white and purple-themed balloons, banners, flowers, and more. We kept the dress code, traditional or western. The focus on inclusivity and balance - traditional or western attire was easy for every woman to wear and carry.

The inspirational posters and the balloons all over were enough to boost up the moods!


2. Thoughtful gifts to all our pretty ladies

Everyone loves gifts, regardless of the positions at the organization. And there could be no better day than this to make them feel special. We gifted every woman with flowers, chocolates, handwritten cards and could see the actual happiness on their faces!


3. Fun and Frolic activities

Women are the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of one another. We held a brainstorming session, dance, and other activities to refresh the minds and cheer them up.


5. Capturing moments with lots of pictures

There is a celebration, and how could we not click the pictures? With different props, we clicked a lot of pictures. Because life's little moments are meant to be captured, we have in the frame, the laughter, the ambiance, and the beauty.


5. Cake cutting to honor the women employees

There was a cake-cutting ceremony to earmark the Women’s day celebration at ToXSL. The event went amazing, and all the beautiful ladies gathered for the ritual. The cake was served to everyone at their places!


Shine not just today, but every single day!

Women dare to cross and manage all the hurdles in the sphere of life while making a tremendous improvement. They do not just shine today, but every day!

Women’s day celebration is all about making society realize how important women are in our lives and changing the stereotype of gender-biased society to gender equality.

We hope the words of encouragement, love, and equality go a long way in lifting them and inspiring them to keep going, and that is what we do at ToXSL. Looking for these days more often, and wishing a very Happy International Women's Day to all!