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A Quick Guide to Developing a Coding Learning App like Whitehat Jr

A Quick Guide to Developing a Coding Learning App like Whitehat Jr

Undoubtedly, 2021 has bought a drastic change to every industry, and education is left no behind. Online learning is dominantly making its way towards the education segment. Mobile phones and technology have redefined the ways education was imparted earlier. Many organizations are taking the initiative to teach coding to children and one such initiative was taken by Whitehat Jr.

Learning to code requires knowledge as well as creativity. When children learn to code, they can express themselves while learning and growing. They can develop their skills, strengthen their confidence, boost their thinking, and more. Through this article, the entrepreneurs can learn more about developing a coding learning app for children that shows successive growth. So let’s get started.

About Whitehat Jr

Whitehat Jr is a platform for small children to gain knowledge and learn about coding. The coding platform hires all the professional teachers from reputed institutes to make it simpler for the students to learn. Some different modules and lessons begin with clearing the basic logic, data structure, algorithms, and more. The mentors offer continuous support to the children and allow them to stay in the right direction. 

The parents are updated timely about the performance of their children, and the price of each course varies. It simply depends on the complexity of the course that parents or users select. Let us take inspiration from Whitehat Jr and develop a perfect and unique app for the children that could help them learn to code, grow in difficult times. If you have the right app development partner for the same then there is nothing to worry about. 


Crucial Steps of Creating an App like Whitehat Jr

1. Select the right Business Model

To select the right business model, there must be proper planning between the app development company and the clients. The right business model is crucial that decides the monetization of the app and what all features must be integrated.

Here are a few features you need to take care of for a good reputation and revenue model for your application:

  • Add Paid Certificates
    Once the user completes the course, they can buy the paid certificates. Using this business model, the app can app a good amount of revenue. For this, the app can also tie up and collaborate with various educational institutes and provides them with verified paid certificates.
  • Offer Membership
    It allows the users to buy membership on a monthly or annual basis. With this option, the user can have access to all the premium features and access to all the lessons without any interruption.
  • Paid Courses
    When the user buys the paid courses, it allows the app owner to earn.
    Always remember that when you develop an app for the students, keep it simple. While you are targeting kids, keep in mind the target audience and develop an app as per the requirement.
  • Affiliate Model
    In the affiliate model, the user can purchase different books and tools on your platform. When the user makes a purchase, the platform can earn as well.

2. Look at your Target Audience 

As per the target audience, the app can customize the features such as their preferences, likes, dislikes. Keeping the target audience in mind makes it easier to create an app. 

Every app is different and has a different set of target audiences.  Let us take an example, if you are developing an app for kids, you need to target different people. Also, the features and functionalities would be different, but for BYJUS, you would be targeting a different set of audiences. 

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind as per your target audience:

  • Plan the UI/UX of your app accordingly
    UI/UX design is the most important thing to keep in mind when developing an app for kids. For them, it needs to be simple enough so that they can use it without even seeking help from someone else.
  • Gamification
    No matter whether you are developing an app for kids or adults; gamification should be a must for everyone. Adding different educational elements and rewards at each point creates a sense of curiosity among the users and allows them to achieve something. You should incorporate social media into your application for the bigger kids as well.
  • The App Functionality
    The functionality of the app is crucial that decides about your target audience and your app intent.

3. Define your Values

The value an app offers to the customers is most crucial and defines its success. Let us take the example of Whitehat Jr itself. It has a different set of value propositions for teachers and different for kids.

  • Value for Kids
    For the kids, the app focuses on making their basics clear, helps build logical and sharp minds while increasing their ability to focus.
  • Value for Teachers
    The real value for the teachers is imparting knowledge to the kids and earn. It is one of the most lucrative platforms that offer a great number of income options to teachers. The classes are taken online, which makes it even easier for the teachers to adjust and manage as per their availability.

4. Decide your Features

The features of the application decide its fate. So, choosing the best features is your next move. Although it is not vital to add too many features to your application at once but ensure you don’t miss out on the essential ones. Here they are:

  • Quick and Easy Onboarding
    This is the very first step as soon as you install the app. The onboarding process should be simple and quick. The children might drop the idea of using your app if the process is long and boring. Add a single-step sign-in option using social media accounts as well.
  • Multiple Courses
    Your app should offer multiple courses, classes to fulfil and cater to the need of all the users that comes aboard. Don’t miss out on anything!
  • Video Conferencing
    Make your teaching different from other apps by offering video conferencing and make sure you provide a one-on-one interaction option to the users.
  • Push Notifications
    It is the most essential feature for any app. It becomes more beneficial for kids that keep reminding them about their next class or test using push notifications.
  • Interactive Assessments
    Two-way interaction is the most important when it comes to online classes. Give interesting and integrative assessments to the kids and check what they have gained.
  • Offline Access
    Allow your users to download and consume their lessons even when offline. This offers them the ease to study even when there is weak Internet connectivity.

5. The Right Tech Stack 

The right technology stack is the most critical move for the app development company. It affects the success of your application and how will the app behave in the future. The right technology stack helps to increase the overall user performance. The wrong technology stack can destroy the entire look and design of your app, that is the reason millions of Apps on the Play store remain untouched.

For the front-end development platforms such as Swift, Kotlin, Angular.JS, React.JS can be used and for the backend development, Node.JS is the preferred platform. 

6. Hire the Best Developers 

Last but not the least, there’s no space for you to make mistakes. Before you hire a team of developers ensures, they have enough knowledge, expertise, and experience in the app development industry especially the Ed-Tech applications.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 effect will continue to hit harder for a longer time. So if you have got a thought about developing an EdTech app for kids or adults, now it is the time to fire up. Hire a team of expert developers with ToXSL and help the students in the best and effective way. Feel free to contact us!


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