Education ERP Modules: Web and Mobile Applications

Student Management software, E-Learning Portals, Online examination, Online result management, Classroom management software, Admission portals.

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, even the smallest of kids. Mostly they use it to play games, but also to communicate with friends, get fresh news, and to learn. That’s right people use their phones to study. You can find numerous educational apps, kids learning apps, teaching apps, school management system, ERP system, of any size and color on the app store, but there is always room for improvement and new ideas.

The features list of the educational apps can go on forever because of the wide range of situations where these apps are applied. Today, the new trend of how to make an educational app topics is using to enrich the experience. So, here are the main features of educational apps, but at ToXSL, we always create something new and innovative:

We have developed more than 15+ apps in Education category. All of them were developed from the ground – totally customized.

Features Of Top Educational Solution:

  • Pop-up messages and instant alerts

  • Send absentee notes

  • Newsletters now on Mobile Apps for Schools

  • Get latest course information on your Apps instantly

  • Built-in homework & schedule tracker

  • School activities and events can be located with Google Maps

  • Online payment systems

Check out our top educational apps for teachers and students. We help to build the future of education with these m-learning apps.

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