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Education ERP Modules: Web and Mobile Applications

Innovating Technology in Education: Web and Mobile Applications

With the blend of technology in education, sector learning becomes much easier and more fun. From live classes to online assignments, quiz, and in-App chat support these solutions offers great learning opportunities to learners worldwide.

In the tech-savvy world, everyone knows how to use a smartphone. Children use it to play games, chit-chat with friends and stay updated with the latest news. You can find numerous educational apps, kids learning apps, teaching apps, school management systems, ERP systems, of any size and color on the app store, but there is always room for improvement and new ideas. Even small kids can now download an education-based app that enhances their learning habits.

ToXSL Offers Cutting Edge Solutions in no time!

The education app development solutions offer tremendous benefits and opportunities to the education industry. At ToXSL, we have extensive experience in creating learning solutions that align with the goals of the organization and your business. Our mobile app and website solutions address all the critical challenges and issues of a learning system while making it more effective and transformative.

The features list of the educational apps can go on forever because of the wide range of situations where these apps are applied. Today, the new trend of how to make educational app topics is using to enrich the experience. So, here are the main features of educational apps, but at ToXSL, we always create something new and innovative:

We have developed more than 70+ apps in the Education category. All of them were developed from the ground – customized.


Our rich features help to transform the Learning Experience

1. Flexible Learning

With flexible and scalable features we allow the educators to scale up the application as per the growing number of students. Our flexible solutions are inclusive of delivering offline accessibility and support as well.

2. Great UI/UX

We are one of the leading providers of education services offering mobile-friendly and easy-to-use application design. We help to streamline the interaction between the learner and educator to make the process of learning intact.

3. Track History

We allow the teachers and children to track their past sessions, their previous documents, videos, and other important transactions.

4. Third-party integration

Our third-party integration feature allows the students and faculty to have a secure data exchange along with an integrated data-compliant payment method.

5. Learning via Voice Recognition

We integrate text-to-speech or speech-to-text features that can help you achieve maximum potential. This offers a streamlined process of learning.


Why choose us?

Automation and analytics allow the teachers to track the entire class or student progress in real-time. Also, the inbuilt communication channel allows the parents, teachers, and the students to connect whenever they are in need.

1. Cost-Effective Solutions

Our solutions are all priced at competitive market rates and are thus extremely affordable for our clients' convenience. We help to save their valuable resources along with the funds that they might have to spend otherwise on teaching tasks.

2. Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions which allow us to build educational apps that are specific to the requirements of your institution.

3. Dedicated post-sales services

We provide quick and dedicated post-sales services, meaning you can reach out to us whenever you want to and get the required help.

For more detailed information regarding the education and ERP modules, Kindly check the document here: Portfolio


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