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Transform Fuel Filling Experience with On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Transform Fuel Filling Experience with On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

The exponential and consistent growth in technology has automated almost everything around. Whether it is about hotel booking, food ordering, and more we all are surrounded by the applications. One such on-demand application that offers convenience to the users especially during the pandemic is the fuel delivery application.

The application offers efficient services that deliver the fuel to the customer’s doorsteps without having to leave their destinations. The application is making the life of people much easier than they can book their on-demand fuel delivery for vehicles.

If you are looking forward to developing an on-demand fuel delivery application then this is the right place to start the process of the development process. This blog has all the necessary information along with the cost needed to develop an on-demand fuel delivery application.           

The Rising Trend of On-Demand Fuel App

Before moving forward with the app development process let us know some light on the rising demand for such apps. The app idea started with cab booking services and at present, the on-demand economy has influenced more than 2.4 billion users on an annual basis $57.6 billion in spending terms.

As per research, it is expected that by 2025 end, the on-demand market will hit $533.5 billion. Here are the factors that drive the growth of on-demand applications


Looking at the rise of such apps in this scenario has made the users rush towards the idea of developing the app while making the lives of people convenient.


How to Retain Customers in Fuel Delivery Apps

To be a success in any business they must analyze the competitors and monitor them efficiently. To retain the customers it is important to satisfy them and offer them the best services. Here are a few of the tips that help businesses to retain their customers:

1. Excellent Customer Service

The utmost priority should be customer satisfaction. If any queries concern the customers they should handle it leaving all their other tasks. This way the customers feel privileged, and your business get a boost.

2. Discounts and Coupons

Offering discounts and coupons are a great way that makes customers stick to your business and may also refer to other users that boost up your business.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Giving ratings to customers is one of the most important ways that help businesses to improve. True customer feedback based on the experience of the customer is a great way that motivates customers while helping you to improve your app further.


How does the On-demand Fuel Delivery App Works?

The functioning of the fuel delivery app is quite simple. As soon as the customer downloads the application and sign-up, they have to create their accounts. The user can schedule fuel or gas delivery to their location as per their preference. The app tags the location of the user and the truck driver can easily navigate to the user’s location with the help of an in-built map.

The refueling of the car can be done while taking all the safety precautions and compliance. The payment is done via an integrated payment gateway or COD as per the user selects from the application.


Why is it Crucial to Develop an on-demand Fuel Delivery App?

1. Offer Flexible Pricing 

When the users book the services, they check for the price of gas and pay in advance with different inbuilt digital payment options.

2. Track the delivery

The user can track the location of the truck driver in real-time and know where their order has reached.

3. Order Fuel Anytime/Anywhere

With this, the fuel can be ordered by the user anytime, anywhere, and even during emergencies. It gets delivered to their doorsteps.


What are the challenges associated with on-demand fuel delivery?

There are some major challenges that an on-demand fuel delivery service often faces. Some of these are:

1. Lack of Safety

Safety assurance is the most critical factor when it comes to fuel delivery. It often puts the service providers in a difficult spot. Due to lack of quality tanks, fuel leakage, right security many hazardous activities may take place, and saving the tanks during accidental fire becomes major safety concerns.

2. Crowded Market 

As the competition among the different industries rises; it has become difficult to survive in such a market. It becomes necessary for the stakeholders to offer the most advanced features and unique apps that satisfy the customer's needs. 

3. Right Development Technology 

It is vital to choose the best technology for the right app development. If the development is not proper it might become difficult for the companies to stay competitive in the market. 

4. Right Funds

To make the app idea a success, it is a must for the business owners to have a good number of funds they need. Without proper investment and plan, the app would never be able to reach heights.


Essential Features of On-demand Fuel Delivery App

All the features that on-demand app development includes are to be well researched and monitored. The basic features of a fuel delivery app must have three panels and that includes:

Customer-Focused Features

1. Login/Sign-up

It should be very easy for the customers to install and login into the application via phone. The customer should be able to log in via social media credentials as well.

2. Quick Ordering 

Customers should have an option of setting their vehicle location with the type of fuel and quantity as well.

3. Pricing

The users should get a detailed delivery of the fuel cost, tax and delivery charges and should offer digital methods to make the payment.

4. Schedule Delivery

Customers should be able to schedule delivery and also make changes as per the time and date as per their convenience.

5. Real-Time Tracking

Customers will be able to track their fuel order in real-time, to stay aware of the processing.

6. Upfront Pricing

Customers can view the order pricing before they confirm their order.

7. Order History

Customers have the option of viewing & managing their past & current orders from a particular section in the app.

8. Ratings and Reviews

Customers should be able to share the feedback as per the services offered by the provider. 


Admin Based Features

1. Login

The admin can securely log in to the web-based panel with the credentials or social media login. 

2. Dashboard

Admin can check out the statistics such as no of customers, drivers, earnings, fuel tanks, and more.

3. Fuel Tanker

Admin should be able to easily add or update fuel tankers in the admin panel.

4. Driver Management 

The admin should be able to manage the driver in real-time with the help of inbuilt maps.

5. Customer Management 

The admin should be able to manage the registered customers in the admin panel.

6. Fuel Pricing 

Admin is responsible for managing the price of fuel along with the different fuel types.

7. Order History

Admin should be able to manage and view the customers’ previous orders with their transactions in the admin panel.


Driver Based Features

1. Login/Sign-up

The driver should register or log in with this application.

2. Dashboard

The driver can check the requested, scheduled, and finished deliveries on the dashboard.

3. Real-time Features

The driver can accept/reject the request while tracking their order in real-time.

4. Customer Information 

The driver can view the customer's contact information including the name, phone number, and location. 

5. Profile Management 

The driver should be able to manage and maintain the profile information.

6. Navigate Location 

The driver can navigate easily to reach the location on time with real-time tracking on the map


The cost needed to develop a Fuel and Gas Delivery App

Well, the fuel delivery app development cost depends majorly on three crucial factors that are:

  • Number of Platforms for which the app is to be developed
  • Size and complexity of a mobile app
  • App Development Region
  • Features Involved
  • App Execution 
  • Time and Location of App Development 

Upon calculating, it is found that the total cost of developing a fuel-delivery app in India would range somewhere between $10,000 - $25,000 for a single platform. Well, the price may vary depending on the several factors mentioned above.


Winding up!

The on-demand fuel delivery has a promising growth and jumping to these services offers a great way for the users to reach the audience. It is not an easy task to develop an on-demand fuel delivery application. But with the right development team in place, you will be able to create a fuel delivery app that will connect with the audience instantly.

Our developers are well-versed with on-demand fuel delivery app development services and are responsible for the unification of many service industries.


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