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ToXSL Continues to Maintain Employee Engagement While Working from Home

ToXSL Continues to Maintain Employee Engagement While Working from Home

The World is struggling hard with the second wave of the pandemic. Let's together fight and stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

Enabling the best employee wellbeing is the topmost priority for ToXSL. Whether it is financial, physical, and psychological wellbeing, we stand with our employees.

Every person is battling for their lives and during these tough times, we ensure to make a contribution by staying indoors, working from home, and trying our bests to stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

As per a report from Gartner Inc, around 88% of the organizations encourage employees to work from home. Whether you are a team leader, business owner, investor, work from home is the trend that is here to stay. ToXSL offered work from home to their employees while ensuring they continue to maintain work-life balance and boost productivity from home. 

Amidst the chaos, HR professionals say that it becomes vital for business leaders to help reduce the isolation feeling that employees might feel working from home. 

Adjusting to the New Normal

Before the pandemic, remote work was not of that much significance and the organizations offering work from home were rare. But now almost all the employees have organized home offices set up at their place while ensuring limited distraction. It is becoming a new normal and ToXSL is widely accepting it, promote employee health and well-being!

How we Achieve Work-Life Balance and Productivity

Employees at ToXSL are always connected and working effectively with the shared values. Our HR team ensures to handle employee engagement even when the employees are not sharing the same physical workspace. 

Here is how we continue to Achieve Work-Life Balance and Productivity at ToXSL:

1. Establish open lines of communication

Open and transparent communication is the key to success when working remotely. We regularly check with all the employees, feel their pulse, and keeps them motivated with regular updates. We communicate via a chat platform where all the employees are free to ask, express their concerns, and give feedback and advice if there is any.

2. Creating Proper Schedules

 Sticking to a regular schedule helps to set boundaries. At ToXSL we ensure our employees get enough time with their family as we create regular schedules for their work. A regular schedule helps to maintain productivity and ease the stress that comes while working all the time!

3. Giving our Employees Break

During working from home, employees may lose track of time while moving from task to task and forget about their breaks. No breaks during working hours don’t allow your mind and brain to work properly. At ToXSL we ensure our employees at least take 10-15 minutes of refreshing break or go for a quick walk. This allows them to feel fresh and reconnected!

3. Ready for Support Anytime

It’s normal to be nervous about the state of things right now and we together as a family support our employees. We believe mental health is important too. We ensure our employees feel comfortable to contact our Human resource team anytime whatever the scenario or situation is.

4. Set the right goals for virtual meetings

Working from home can make the employees dull. A little refreshment is a must. We encourage our employees to interact and collaborate by hosting team and room meetings virtually. Our virtual meetings help the employees cheer them up and do recognize and reward employees for their work and targets achieved.

Overcoming the Challenges of Working Remotely

With remote work on the rise, ToXSL ensures that the virtual employees get the same share of mind, voice, and wallet as for all others. We believe that employees must stay fit, productive and strike a healthy work-life balance while ensuring the transition to working remotely is seamless!

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