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Stay Safe At Home And Contribute Only If You Can!

Stay Safe At Home And Contribute Only If You Can!

World is going throught a pandamic due to COVID-19. We advice everybody to stay at home and be safe!!

ToXSL Technologies understands and concerns its employees' well-being plus it also obeys the useful instructions and decisions by the government that are for our safety and healthiness only. To conquer this tough time of the major Coronavirus outbreak, where, the everybody is battling in their own way, there, ToXSL and its team are also making their contribution by staying in and working from home only. 

The ToXSL team has already been prepared with all the arrangement while taking all the necessary plus safety precautions. We voluntarily asked our team to stay at home last week itself . We are thankful to all those we are still working from home and helping us sail through tough time. We have provided all the required access and equipments to our employees so that they can work if they wish to. We have also made strong arrangements to support mission ciritical applications for our clients. We don't let you down.

It is expected that keeping employees distant apart from each other, it will lessen the risk of the group spread plus the chances for the virus to be grabbed while a commute or in public office places. Also, for some employees, this, indeed, isn’t a choice, but for the ones who may find themselves at home for a longer period, what's the safest and best way to increase productivity, sustain good physical plus mental health when working from home?

Overall, this is the time to stay safe and be cooperative in every angle with our colleagues and employers. It's a time to show our strength, teamwork, and positivity against the deadly Coronavirus and to tell that we are not weak enough to stop our lives and businesses. Though the virus is dangerous enough but not more unless we all are one but distant apart from each other. 

Eventually, to prevent the extent of COVID-19 virus, it’s been essential for governors and federal directors to take such drastic measures and so, we the ToXSLians are taking those measures into an account. So, it's a long-overdue now, don't let this virus to affect more on both your lives and businesses. Hence, ToXSL with its team is all set to switch from home to work mode. 

We believe social distancing is the only solution. First priority is the safety and health of your family and friends. You are being our family, we would prepare if you need any help.

Let's all get unite, stay one but apart, and make our business happen in flying colors even in the toughest situations of this deadly Cornonavirus outbreak.