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Unveiling the secrets of a successful Food Ordering App - Yum Crust

Unveiling the secrets of a successful Food Ordering App - Yum Crust

There was no such concept of on-demand food delivery applications in the previous times. To order food means calling your nearby restaurant and ordering food in emergencies. Even after the tiring and hectic schedules, people had to visit the food outlets and stand in queues to get their food.

With the success of the on-demand application for Food Delivery, let us unveil how we developed an app Yum Crust that turned into a million-dollar business. So let us begin with the introduction and the challenges we faced.

About Yum Crust

With the concept of delivering your favorite cuisines to your doorsteps, we developed an app that offers food from all the nearby restaurants to your doorsteps with just a few taps. The app mainly focuses on two types of users, Normal(customers) and Restaurant owners, driver, and admin. It allows you to search restaurants, home-cooked food, or market food by simply entering your postcode.

To make the food delivery a revolutionary experience, Yum Crust offered a different experience for the users. The app was designed in a way that food ordering for the users became most of the simplest tasks. The app allows you to place your orders for now, later, or tomorrow. Once you place the order, the app would notify you in real-time about the order status. Also, you can buy a subscription from your local chef and get your food delivered whenever it suits you.

Challenges Faced by us during the Development

As we know, Yum Crust was the final product obtained by the client but during the development, we faced many challenges. Let us discuss them all in detail:

  • The biggest challenge we faced was to separate the donation amount and the actual amount paid by the user, as it was together seen in the admin account.

  • Managing the restaurant discounts and the discount offered by the restaurant was also a tough job. At times even after applying the free delivery coupons, users were charged for the delivery.

  • To maintain the status of the order in real-time for users, restaurants, and drivers, ToXSL faced many complications. The client wanted to integrate such an algorithm that shows the order status to everyone. We made sure that we offered proper co-ordination between the restaurant preparing food and driver pickup, offering clients what exactly they needed.

  • Also, we had to take care of the driver’s availability, the location from the restaurant with equal offers/opportunities for all the drivers.

Solutions we offered:

The division of the user, restaurant owner, and driver section helped us to achieve our objective. When the user orders the food, the restaurant owner is notified and once they accept the order notification to the driver is sent.

Search and Filter options for users

We offered various searches and filter options that allow the users to quickly search for the dish, restaurant, or cuisine as per their need. It enhances the user experience and offers simplicity.

Complete Menu on your Device

You can quickly explore new varieties of cuisines from your favorite restaurants. We offer the updated menu from the restaurant so that you don’t miss out on anything and enjoy the exotic dishes at your home.

On-time Delivery Guaranteed

We guaranteed a quick delivery for all your orders. We developed a system that optimized the time it would take for the delivery agent to reach your location. Also, the user gets notified if in any case the order gets delayed.

Payment Management

We made sure that the payments are done fairly. With integrated and digital payment gateways there is an ease of making the payments instantly. The users can also pay via cash.

Loyalty Points for Users

For every order a user makes, we offer them loyalty points. They could either collect those points or use them for making the payments.

If you wish to develop a food delivery app like Yum Crust at a reasonable price, consult our team and get a free quote by sharing all the details.

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