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How ToXSL Grew its Business and Changed over the Decade?

How ToXSL Grew its Business and Changed over the Decade?

In the year 2020, where most of the organizations were facing challenges, there was a rise in the unemployment rate, ToXSL stepped in and instead of letting people jobless, hired new candidates. Not only hired, but rather announced a special bonus for all its employees. We marked the completion of a decade of project delivery, client satisfaction, business performance, and community impact.

Positioning itself as a leader in offering superior all-around services, we have significantly built our presence and strengthened across the global markets. Delivering unique agile delivery models, we are recognized as a benchmark of excellence in offering software development services.

As ToXSL offers topmost benefits to their employees, such as Health Insurance, timely increments, continuous hiring, and many other perks there is a better quality of life. Because for ToXSL each employee is unique and important, we do offer a wide range of benefits to suit individual needs and preferences.

Happier and secure the employees, more is their productivity. As per research from the University of Warwick, happy employees perform 12% better, while stressed, dissatisfied employees perform 10% worse.

Here are some of the leading insights from ToXSL Technologies with a focus on the organization’s growth, culture, and change:

1. Health Insurances

Health insurance is one of the most desirable benefits we offer to the employees. Considering the cost of medical treatment going up in the country, we are teamed with ICICI Lombard Health Insurance that takes care of all the basic healthcare needs of the employee. Yes, we are covering extra! Begin with a 2 Lakh plan, and now we are offering a premium of 5 Lakhs covering self and spouse.

Our main point in offering a medical insurance plan is to protect and support the health and well-being of our employees. We are a family all together and want to offer the best work-life balance!

2. Timely Appraisals for Employees

Everybody wants to work for an organization where the work is appreciated. We value the hard work and tangible results of the employees. Based on the performance and goals we offer timely appraisals to all our employees and ensure the goals are realistic and closely match the business needs. The average performance appraisal we have been offering to our employees is 35%.

Therefore, we conduct performance appraisals and consider it important when it comes to appreciating the candidate while boosting their work-spirits. What you have to do is let us know about your expectations and other sufficient proof of your contribution.

3. Expanding our Facilities

Started with a few in the year 2012, and now a team of more than 270! We knew it was bound to happen, and now we have accomplished it. As the organization continues to grow and hire new talent, we lacked the space!

It was only a matter of time we ran out of space and feel proud to announce that we have acquired the entire 2nd floor of the building. Our office space has been increased to 25,000 sq feet so that we can have a capacity of 500 employees by the end of this year. Yes, we are integrating an additional office space into our current and new facilities which would bring new opportunities, productivity, and efficiency within the organization.

We feel proud of our achievements over the decade and feel grateful to all our employees who trusted and contributed to the success of ToXSL.

4. Continuous Hiring

Not having enough employees can hinder the performance and affects the growth of the organization. Recruitment can decide success or failure. We continue to hire fresh and new talent all the time, not only when the staffing needs are high. ToXSL hired more than 100 freshers recently.

Growth is not just important for the organization, but it’s essential. We believe in allowing everyone to grow leading the way to new opportunities in the marketplace.

5. Skill Development and Training

The benefits of employee training and development are already known. As our organization grows, the skills should grow along. We keep our employees constantly updated with the latest technologies and skill sets letting them adapt to the new trends and market challenges.

At ToXSL, we help our employees to move up the learning curve and continue to work harder.

There are many other perks and benefits such as paid vacations, holidays or sick leave, dinner coupons, wellness programs we offer our employees, making ToXSL Technologies most diverse and inclusive.

We care for our employees and always encourage them to feel free while understanding how to develop and motivate them during this especially stormy time!