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ToXSL Technologies Announces Special Bonus For Its Employees During COVID-19

ToXSL Technologies Announces Special Bonus For Its Employees During COVID-19

We at ToXSL Technologies proudly announce that we are providing COVID-19 bonus to our employees who are constantly working from their homes. 

ToXSL CEO, Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta says, “The company's norms are considered for its employee’s benefits and wellness, and since they are working hard from their homes to keep up the business in this tough situation, the company is granting the COVID-19 bonus.” 

“It is our duty to encourage our employees and this time the bonus is to encourage and boost them to work from home and overcome the Coronavirus crises” – he added.

Now that the novel coronavirus has become a part of our lives, there is no other way than to accept the reality. The negative economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic is resulting in huge financial losses that could be worse than the Great Depression of 1929. 

Covid-19 is creating havoc on a global scale with millions of people under forced lockdown, and businesses going bankrupt. 

Unemployment is on the rise and people are losing their job and as a result, there is a significant boost in crime, bankruptcies, and homelessness. Still, ToXSL is not laying off their employees. 

Where most companies are getting broke, ToXSL is still paying its employees a bonus which is expected to benefit more than 200+ employees. 

How Is ToXSL Helping Their Employees During The Pandemic?       

Describing the teamwork, the CEO says, “We believe in togetherness and that’s how it makes our team stand out in every situation. As a result, we are offering our team the COVID-19 bonus. It's only to help our employees to handle the unexpected things, needs, and wants due to this massive outbreak. The bonus will be added to the salary of June 2020." Moreover, it's time to collectively fight and make our employees free from fear of losing jobs as many companies are firing their employees.

Instead of letting people jobless, ToXSL Technologies is hiring New Employees, offering Bonuses, and increasing Employment.

Describing the pandemic as one of the biggest shocks to the world in decades, MR SHIV CHARAN PANJETA, CEO of ToXSL Technologies said that we are also experiencing the effects of the lockdown.

He said that despite the disturbance that affects employees and their families, they have tackled the challenge and served our clients with dedication and courage. It is now our responsibility to take care of them in this lockdown period. 

The CEO of ToXSL also added that the company will support its employees in the future if situations like COVID-19 arrives.

What is Happening All Over The World?

Banks Are Failing and the government will have a very hard time to cover their insurance of bank deposits, and some people could even lose their savings. The Covid-19 situation could be a repeat of the crisis of 2008.

Lots of Bad Debt will be on the rise and the real quantity of money in the system is less. RBI will not have the ability to avoid this by printing cash since to grow the supply of money, the commercial banks need to be lending a lot of money. As a consequence, people and businesses will stop borrowing due to fears about the future.

More insecure feelings among society and a less inclusive state of mind. People will relate to smaller sized groups that are more like themselves and have an increasing distaste for individuals not in those groups, whether it be political, ideological, race and even food options.

An increase in distrust and blame between nations, with restrictions. Damaged relationships between countries are expected to increase. There will be an increase in national self-preservation as opposed to working together like a global community. Aid from other countries will be regarded as having ulterior motives.

A reaction against big businesses and the wealthy, particularly the previous big winners who had doubtful ethics. The role of conglomerate platforms like Google and Facebook could come under significant scrutiny, as well as the banking sector who are perceived to work under a cloth of secrecy.

A huge increase in mental stress and mental disorders among people as the pressures of life increase, and people battle to adjust to difficult personal finance challenges and rapid, unpredictable modifications.

To counteract the financial consequences on households, families and their assets, it is imperative that people start looking at means to supplement their income. In order to maintain your standard of living, you need to get exposure to methods on how to earn extra money during Covid-19.