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A Complete Guide To Create An App Like TikTok

A Complete Guide To Create An App Like TikTok

The social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are big platforms, and connecting billions of users, it became difficult to compete in the market with these dominating apps.

But then came the amazing idea and name TikTok, which became the next big thing! It has a worth of more than $75 billion, with plenty of downloads in many countries and languages.

Video sharing apps

The trendiest app TikTok took the world by storm and, almost everyone became a part of the short video creation app that had unique features and effects. Launched in the year 2017, the app's achievement was a breakthrough as it targeted all the communities with every age group.

A quick view of TikTok and its statistics

It is a short video creation and sharing app that allows the creators to create mesmerizing videos and share on the platform. All the users from different locations, countries can view your videos that is purely a source of entertainment. Many TikTokers with their acting skills have become quite popular stars and therefore, it became a platform for users to fulfill their dreams.

  • It was the most prominent platform that gained popularity within a short span

  • It was downloaded by 1 billion with 500 million active users per month.

  • 41% of the TikTok users are of age 16-24 and on average spend 52 minutes daily on the app.

  • In 2019 itself, the global TikTok revenue reached $39 Billion.

The app gained a lot of popularity because people could make money through the app while collaborating with brands, get rewards, coins, and many other gifts during the live-streaming.

Features to be Included

To create a similar app, it’s vital to consider essential features before. From social media functionality to likes, shares, re-sharing of content, many fascinating features attract the attention of millions of users to deliver an ultimate user experience.

Here are a few basic and advanced features that a TikTok like app must have to gain similar popularity:

1. Simple Registration or Login

It is the basic feature that decides whether a user wants to stay or not. The registration process should be as simple, via other social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. Also, can be done via e-mail and password.

2. Simple User Interface

The app should have the most basic and simple user-interface, once the user sign-up and register all the trending videos are shown with the like, comment, and share options. The user can scroll the videos and also follow their favorite creator so that they can simply check all their videos instantly.

3. Video Editing and Uploading

It is all about creating elegant videos and uploading them. The app should allow the users to edit their videos with different filters, content, so you don’t have to download any other app to edit your video. As it allows easy editing, uploading therefore makes TikTok the first choice for the user.

4. Filters and Effects

Filters and effects are life changers for the users and the app should have plenty of filters and effects. From beauty filters to animations and different content posting, there are many effects and filters available.

With the AR filters available, the users can instantly shoot interesting and quick videos and, it also allows the users to change colors, alter hands, eyes, and other virtual elements.

5. Likes and Comments

These are similar to Instagram, heart-shaped like and comment buttons are available on the user’s video. Other users can instantly tap the button and like their videos and comment if they intend to. The users can also look through their liked posts on a specific tab.

6. Push Notifications

It is crucial to keep the user updated with all the information therefore push notification button is necessary. These notifications are implemented by Google Cloud Messaging or Apple Push Notification Service.

7. Money Earning Potential

When the user has a higher reach they can create duets, do live-stream which is the most popular feature and allows the users to generate more money via the app.

Some of the Advanced Features

  • Geolocation
    Using the geolocation option, the active bloggers get a quick display of nearby bloggers who create these short videos and streams.

  • QR Code Scanning
    It helps in quick subscription of other music video apps by simply scanning their QR codes.

  • Duet Videos
    The app should be able to create music videos with lip-sync, add a #duetwithme hashtag, and ask other users to duet with them.

What are the Steps to Develop such an App

  • Research carefully the Target Market

  • Choosing the Monetization Model

  • Hiring the best App Development Team

  • Launch an alternative as an MVP

  • Grow your Application

Finding a Team that can Help Create an Alternative to TikTok

These features are the must-have that should be integrated, and it adversely affects the cost of its development.
As the social media applications like TikTok has become popular in the masses, it’s just a matter of time that something more demanding and bigger will take over the application. Meanwhile, such features also affect the cost of making an app. Rather than making a similar app, it's more efficient to come up with something different and exceptional.

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