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From Jingle Bells to Joy, Here is How we Celebrated Christmas 2020!

From Jingle Bells to Joy, Here is How we Celebrated Christmas 2020!

Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most!

Although 2020 was a tough year, it has been almost upended, and it's time to credit the fact that it is Christmastime for the ToXSL family.

December month is all about holidays, cold weather, celebrations, new beginnings, and fulfilling all your goals in the upcoming year. Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals that is celebrated across the world. It is one of the best times of the year when you can strengthen your bonding with your family, colleagues, and friends-Yes because it is time for holidays.

Celebrations in the organization promote team spirit and keep them connected. So why not a little fun for Christmas?

The very anticipated festival was celebrated at ToXSL Technologies because we can’t even miss a single occasion to celebrate. So have a look at how we celebrated Christmas 2020:

Here are the activities we carried out:

1. Gifts from Secret Santa

Who can not get excited about the gifts and what is the fun of Christmas at work if you don’t play Secret Santa? Secret Santa was a great way where colleagues from different teams interacted and made sure that everyone receives some appreciation in the form of chocolates or gifts.

It is true to be original with the Christmas celebration, but make sure you don't forget the traditions like these.

2. Fun Activities and Office Decoration

 One of the most fun parts of Christmas is decoration with the red and white theme. And the decoration is always more fun when the whole team is involved. So we decorated ToXSL with lights, tinsel, Christmas bells, socks, and of course the Christmas tree. With a Christmas tree in the office premises, entirely decorated with balloons, lights, balls, and gifts, everyone was brought their decoration with a personal meaning.

3. Played Different Games and Singing

How can we settle for a single activity only...oops that would be very boring. So we continued the fun with Paper Dance, used a balloon as a prop, and played many games. Also, some of our talented singers and dancers were encouraged by others.

4. How can we forget the food

Last but not least.. When there are celebrations there is good food, drinks, and desserts. We all had yummy snacks and captured all the beautiful and fun moments in our cameras to make the upcoming year full of memories.

That was too Much Fun Of course!

The sky gets darker, and we were so lost that we don’t even realize the time was over. Our celebration at the office ended with lots of smiles, gifts, and memories. Everyone is curious to enter the New Year with a robust start to win the world with more possibilities and resolutions for the upcoming year.

Here, ToXSL has ended the celebrations by wishing the families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with love, prosperity, and success!