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Let’s Build Your Dream App with Flutter!

Let’s Build Your Dream App with Flutter!

Are you still using traditional development methods to build apps on a native platform? Are you still paying billions to the developers to write codes on different platforms? Well if yes, the solution is Flutter app development which has a single code base for iOS and Android platforms. Flutter has been gaining the focus of attention since last year and has proved to be a game-changer in cross-platform app development.

Flutter was launched by Google in the year 2017 and it is an open-source UI software development kit that fastens and simplifies the process of app creation. It operates on Dart programming language (an object-oriented programming language) introduced by Google itself. Flutter is a blend of a native app like performance with ease of development.

Impressive Facts about Flutter

  • Flutter has an easy to access and integrate framework which provides flexibility and scalability capabilities.
  • Flutter has a single code base for Android and iOS which means the developers can reuse the same code for different platforms.
  • Flutter has a hot reload feature that allows the developers to make changes instantly.
  • Flutter has a vast widget library collection which helps in faster app development.

Some Facts and Figures

  • There are 200 million+ users of Flutter made apps
  • On Google’s Play Store, there exist 3000+ Flutter apps
  • Flutter is 34th most popular software repo on GitHub
  • There are more than 3,00,000+ developers who use Flutter for app development
  • As per the Statista 2020 survey, Flutter is the second most famous cross-platform mobile framework employ by global developers.

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What makes Flutter the Winner over Other Platforms

Can flutter help you to take your businesses to a next level? This is what exactly we are going to discuss in the below-mentioned points. Read on and find out what unique and appreciable features does flutter offer to develop faster, cost-effective, and beautiful making it a perfect choice to develop the apps:

1. It is an Open Source SDK

An Open source SDK displays your codebase for everyone to see it, making your library visible to all. Therefore, it provides transparency and security. It can be used free of cost to create the application of all types. No matter what industry you are focusing on it is an ideal platform to develop customized apps for a wide range of industries. You get a streamlined workflow and an easy user interface.

2. Performs like other Native Apps

Flutter is designed to give your apps native performance on both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter code is compiled as native to ARM machine code and uses a dart native compiler.

Also while the native apps provide you results but you might end up paying overhead because every code needs to be written twice. Here Flutter app development turns out to be a savior that gives the same feel as the native apps.

 3. Robust and Active Community Support

Flutter was launched in 2017 and in such a short period it has developed active and robust communities with experienced developers around the world. Today Flutter is among the top 10 GitHub communities offering support to new and young developers.

So, even if you don’t possess much knowledge of the platform there are always experienced developers on your back. Simply raise a ticket on GitHub and you will get the desired help.

4. Offers Quick Debugging

Flutter comes with the most advanced features like hot reload that not only speeds up the process of development but also makes the code debugging swiftly. With these super helpful tools, you can build an app within the recorded time. Also, you can check the results without losing your state to the emulator.

5. Ample Libraries and Documentation

Flutter has an abundance of libraries that helps you achieve all the functionalities in your app. Moreover, Flutter gives you the freedom to choose developers for your app. Google has always pushed flutter and has created excellent documentation with all the features and functionality included. This makes it much easier for the new developers to get on board swiftly.

6. Intuitive Widgets

Whether it is a UI, dashboard, or any other functionality Flutter offers inherent widgets that can easily be customized o increase your performance. Widgets are available in the form of a widget tree. You only need to write the functionality and write down the code in the widget.

Thanks to its platform-specific scrolling, functional reactive framework, navigational patterns, rich fonts, and much more, you can integrate powerful interfaces making your app look like a true experience that reflects mature branding. 

These are not only the reasons to choose Flutter over any other platform, instead, but there are many other compelling reasons too.

Flutter is easy to learn and doesn't require any prior experience. We are pretty much sure that now you are convinced that Flutter is the best option for your app development services. It has gained intense popularity and recognition in the mobile app development industry.

So, let's build your dream App with ToXSL Technologies and revolutionize it in the digital world.

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